'He could have been one of the best players ever'

March 04, 2024

The Cormac Trust was established by the family of the late Tyrone All-Ireland winning senior footballer Cormac McAnallen.

Mickey Harte believes Cormac McAnallen was destined for greatness before his tragic death 20 years ago.

Harte managed McAnallen to All-Ireland MFC, U21FC and SFC titles before his sudden death from SADS at the age of just 24 on March 2, 2004.

“It is a day we will never forget,” the current Derry boss said on Cormac’s 20th anniversary.

“I have often wondered how Cormac could’ve developed into, what he would have been like. We knew he was special and he had achieved so much in his short life and I fear we all missed what he could’ve become.

“I think he could’ve become one of the best players ever to play the game.

“I had great time for the man from 17 on the first minor team of ‘97 that didn’t win, ‘98 yes and the two 21′s. I had a wee goal for him and I think he would’ve done it – I think he would’ve been the only person to have lift all three things.

“He had the first two got and maybe they are the hardest to get. I think he would’ve got the three of them.

“He is such a loss to his family and the whole GAA world, particularly in Tyrone.”

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