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The Royal Rumble - Cavan v Meath

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Tell us about the game Fredflint . Were you at it? What did you think of the tactics . Did you see any difference in play from the Derry or Tyrone games that we nearly won ? Seemingly nobody can have an opinion that goes against the grain? Yes we won . Great result . About time . Seanie was man of the match . That must have been painful for you Fredflint. Well get over it he's back to stay . Best forward in the county . Yourself and Foolsgold always said he'd never be back . Your a great man Fredflint .

Awwwwnow (Cavan) - Posts: 1050 - 01/03/2016 21:43:15    1829962


No many thought he would be back since he played little Club football and was in the running for Drumalee job.

Played well against Meath hopefully that continues.

FoolsGold (Cavan) - Posts: 2761 - 02/03/2016 10:38:56    1830014


it's horses for courses as Terry said. Playing seanie against Meath was the correct decision as it was a more open game. If seanie has a bit of room he can do his stuff. It probably wouldn't work as well against Derry or Tyrone. Will he start him against Armagh ? He might not.

Don't forgrt we still have Keating and McDermott as options furtherr down the line so Seanie might not be a regular starter. I think we should probably play him against Galway. i likeed the look of the half-back line with C..Brady, C.Moynagh and Niall Murray in the second half.
although Moynagh wasn't that effective in the first. but it's good to have different options like F.flanagan and K.Brady there. It will be interesting to see what will happen when Rory Dunne is match fit. Will he play Dunne in Full Back and move K.Clarke out the field. Think clarke would be a great option in Midfield. i also think Argue probably better suited to Midfield or C.H.F. than FF. but these players are still relatively inexperienced at senior county level compared to say the likes of Drew Wylie, Colin walshe, Chrissy Mckeague, Ciaran McKeever etc. sometimes it can be forgotten because we have seen them play at under-21 level for so long. I think the panel is stronger this year than any year in the last 5.

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5518 - 02/03/2016 11:40:03    1830048


Awwwwnow, talking about tactics to you would be like taking quantum physics in play school. As for Seanie, I didn't think he would be back but Terry was obviously happy with what Seanie did or said when they met pre season, Terry is the man with the knowledge so if he's happy then so am I.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1483 - 02/03/2016 11:57:59    1830054