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If congress passes the motion for the second tier all ireland series to be reinstated, Cavan should be realistic and try to win this tournament. Cavan is in all honestly has ZERO chance of winning an all ireland but this tournament would be a beginning of a push in the right direction. They will still compete in the provincial tournament, fall at the usual hurdle and then be in with a chance of actually winning something. Does anyone agree with me?


Steady_Eddie (Cavan) - Posts: 75 - 19/01/2016 13:47:21    1817642


Motion needs a two thirds majority. Can't see over 21 counties going for it. No point in discussing it til it happens.

Awwwwnow (Cavan) - Posts: 1050 - 19/01/2016 14:13:11    1817653


We would need successive relegations to win it as only Division 4 teams enter it.

How does this forum justify allowing posts like this but then censoring reasonable posts?

Skelling (USA) - Posts: 289 - 19/01/2016 14:16:12    1817657


I thought it was just for Div 4 teams Eddie?

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 19/01/2016 14:18:13    1817659


it's a non-runner . no one want's it and the GAA knows's just a way for the GAA powers to not change anything. they can say " we came up with a proposal and it has been rejected" so nothing changes. Ignoring the fact that there is no appetite whatsoever for a B championship. (btw Steady-Eddie , you would have to be in DIV 4 to qualify for this competition, a division that thankfully Cavan have never been in, though we escaped by the skin of our teeth in the pre-Hyland days).

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5518 - 19/01/2016 14:22:24    1817661


SteadyEddie - are you Tomsmith in disguise?

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 19/01/2016 14:31:27    1817669


Nail on the head sgoldrick. "We tried but you didn't want it" attitude.

Skelling (USA) - Posts: 289 - 19/01/2016 14:43:23    1817678


I stand corrected on the matter. Would devision 3 teams be involved in the competition?
Most likely place for Cavan next year.

The future is dark blue...

Steady_Eddie (Cavan) - Posts: 75 - 19/01/2016 14:51:35    1817680


S Golderick .. Was Hyland not involved the year we escaped div 4? Was he not joint manager along with Andrews? If not he was definitely a selector.

Awwwwnow (Cavan) - Posts: 1050 - 19/01/2016 14:58:20    1817684


something weird going on here, on this forum !!

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5518 - 19/01/2016 15:00:26    1817687


This is a rubbish topic. Irrelevant. We should be talking about competing for Ulster titles!!!!

Reformation (Cavan) - Posts: 356 - 19/01/2016 16:14:42    1817723


We should Reformation but unfortunately we have little or nothing to make us believe that is a realistic possibility.

IamADragon (Cavan) - Posts: 303 - 19/01/2016 20:10:56    1817798