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NFL Prediction for Cavan.

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S goldrick... We seem to owe a lot of teams one but like many are very slow to pay up... Navan would be the perfect place to start though

Sean66 (Cavan) - Posts: 440 - 08/02/2016 20:25:49    1823708


hard to call but the Denver Broncos will be hard bet again next year........

Doglegright01 (Cavan) - Posts: 41 - 09/02/2016 13:16:57    1823927


As they say in american football
Defense wills championships,

That's good defenses.

Steady_Eddie strikes again

Steady_Eddie (Cavan) - Posts: 75 - 09/02/2016 15:07:49    1823996


Cavan need to take stock, the first two games of any league are winnable. Esp one in breffni. Great to see Givney & Keating getting game time.
But the subs introduced to win messy ball was never going to work. Lads built like soccer pros small & fast.

id have kept keating for the last 20 & stuck him in FF. He d be happy with that,5/6 games to go.. Like there was no plan sat Eve. We played derry we know their goal conversion rate. we know they can take frees. What we don t know is their defence any good?

Here s a statistic. No6 for both Tyrone & Derry received MOTM & team of the week. Why because we invite him to run carry & never has to defend.

Galway missed a last min goal to snatch game off Tyrone. They will beat Derry Tyrone are nt scoring 1.15 & they might just meet a side they can t contain.. A draw game or black card received.

But unless Cavan convert frees, use the panel correctly against different opposition, they are so predictable right now. save the big guns and change the game plan. use our speed to test the legs on these Div 2 teams in first half then change it. You can use 5 subs

Come champ with that squad id be very confident. but need to get Cuter....

Denn Man (Cavan) - Posts: 413 - 09/02/2016 15:30:01    1824023


* Defense wins championships

Steady_Eddie (Cavan) - Posts: 75 - 09/02/2016 15:30:58    1824024


The sooner we get Rory Dunne and Mc Enroe back into the defence the better. Then Clarke can move to midfield.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 10/02/2016 20:23:02    1824551


The sooner we get Rory Dunne and Mc Enroe back into the defence the better. Then Clarke can move to midfield.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts:9845 - 10/02/2016 20:23:02 1824551

McEnroe isn't coming back slasher. He opted out this year as far as I'm aware. I agree, massive loss to the team, our best defender without question. It appears we're never going to have all the best footballers available at any one time.

Ned_Stormcrow (Cavan) - Posts: 1071 - 10/02/2016 21:30:01    1824577


Rory is injured and I hope he puts his health before being stupid. He got a nasty injury he is working hard to get himself back but I hope he does not rush it.

The Quiet Man (Cavan) - Posts: 4601 - 11/02/2016 11:28:31    1824635


but Rory is back training. What about Jason McLoughlin? Sean did you see him about?

Reformation (Cavan) - Posts: 356 - 11/02/2016 14:44:31    1824712


Rory back training are you sure I hope he just does not rush it.

The Quiet Man (Cavan) - Posts: 4601 - 11/02/2016 20:03:16    1824810


Lads a forum is in design a place for opinions, and if we all felt the same well that would defeat the purpose. Personally last year i lost faith in management for lots of reasons, but the nail in the coffin for me was championship and the disgusting way some players were treated. I said enough at the time three lads that carpooled with me to every game for over ten years twenty with one have not stood at a game since. thats only three i knew i think more felt the same. I myself was not going back but my love of the game and my county i went back. Yes im disappointed we lost and we could and should have won last week ,lets see how this league plays out respect each others opinions even if we dont agree. Lastly lets support our team and be constructive in our criticism

asitis (Cavan) - Posts: 233 - 11/02/2016 20:47:44    1824821