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McDermott was fit enough to get MOM against Armagh, pay attention

ramor101 (Cavan) - Posts: 289 - 18/01/2016 19:53:29    1817489


McDermott is probably the most consistent forward Cavan have had over the past 4 years or so. Always puts in a shift and has delivered time and again for Cavan. Should be one of the first names on anyone's team sheet.

Full back is a worry and we're down to our 3rd choice No. 3 with Rory injured and McEnroe not committing this year. Tyrone are a step above us, it will take a fantastic showing to beat them in Omagh.

Inactive x5 (Cavan) - Posts: 1452 - 18/01/2016 20:14:07    1817495


So the teams so far contain Johnston and Keating, two players that have barely played more than ten minutes. McDermot would have to start. Was brilliant versus Armagh. Have any of you being at the games with regards the goalkeeping situation? Galligan is better under a high ball and much better kick out. O Mara too short a kick out for intercounty level while Galligan can pick out a player 50 yards away. Ignore the free taking aspect.

doratheexplorer (Cavan) - Posts: 1467 - 18/01/2016 20:14:47    1817496


tom,i dont think mcenroe was our second choice fullback
i think killian clarke has to be fullback till rory dunne is back
i know he offers alot going forward ;would not chance ff full back
killian brady if not.

blueman1903 (Cavan) - Posts: 882 - 18/01/2016 20:57:38    1817509


Mc Dermott also lost the possession a lot against Armagh especially in the first half.
He is still worth his place in the team though.
Anyone know what is wrong with big Argue? Thought he was going to be a fixture in the team by now. Maybe he hasn't progressed.
Any word of young Tinnelly returning?

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 18/01/2016 21:00:22    1817511


The weather conditions are not conducive to good ball handling the conditions have been terrible and if you try and watch everyone that has played over the last 4 matches what are we talking about 80 + 80 from the other teams they all suffered ball handling and fumbling. Very difficult to hold a wet ball as you all know. For a lad you say is not fit jesus he is covering some amount of grass that been the case then McDermott will be unstoppable when fully fit.

The Quiet Man (Cavan) - Posts: 4601 - 18/01/2016 21:42:32    1817516


Jonsmith - Tyrone a step above us....more like 4 or 5 steps above us and I'm being kind there!

I'm still waiting on the Terry Brigades excuses for the loss to Derry though?

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 19/01/2016 09:29:23    1817537


Well they were in an All Ireland Semi Final last year so yes probably a few steps above us.

Why does the loss need an excuse? Derry were better than us and fully deserved their win.

Inactive x5 (Cavan) - Posts: 1452 - 19/01/2016 09:52:02    1817541


Deanmartin, I'm still waiting on your explanation of the spring league and what exactly the problem with it is.

I'm not a member of any brigade but maybe Derry won because they were better than Cavan on the day. They were able to kick long range scores, they were lucky, they were fitter, they were stronger or any other number of logical reasons.

Does the reason really matter to you? You'll disagree with it because you're incapable of seeing anything beyond that very small tunnel you look through.

Skelling (USA) - Posts: 289 - 19/01/2016 11:38:06    1817579


Skelling - The Spring League is simply another version of the Breffni League, which most teams wanted rid off. The ACFL doesn't start until April, so if player burnout is such a concern, why not let the players rest in January and February, and come back fresh in March?

Its a coincidence that you were waiting on my comments on the spring league, as I'm still waiting on you to confirm how many McKenna Cup matches you saw this year, giving that you think Cavan Football is going well.

That so called small tunnel you're talking about is based on fact - I haven't seen anything in the McKenna Cup games that would convince me that things will be any different this year. But do enlighten me.....

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 19/01/2016 13:06:28    1817620


Dean, I have seen no McKenna Cup matches this year and I won't be returning to watch the county team as things stand. I never gave an opinion on any McKenna Cup games so I'm not sure what you're getting at. No change there. When was it that you asked me this question? I apologise, I didn't see it. I also never said Cavan football was going well but you keep on attributing quotes to me that you dream up in your head. You're some boy to talk about facts when you constantly mis-quote people.

There are very few facts in football, just opinion and just because you type the word "fact" it doesn't make it any more of a fact.

As for your comment on burn-out - typical ignorance of what causes it. Most non-county first-team club players won't have played any meaningful football between November and March. The Spring League will give these players a handful of games that won't be held up by the county team in any way and they'll take place after a 3-4 month break from playing.

So again Dean, tell us how the Spring League is going to play out? If you don't know, dig really deep and just admit it.

Skelling (USA) - Posts: 289 - 19/01/2016 14:28:11    1817666


Skelling - you obviously don't follow Cavan Football Fixtures too much when you suggest that non-County Footballers play little football between November and January. There were/are still some 2015 fixtures to be played and its now 2016, the U21 competition was well into December, and many of those players will be involved with their clubs in the Spring League, which they propose to start in February. FYI - the 2015 Breffni League commenced on the 22nd February, so in reality, a lot of players had only January for rest.

deanmartin (Cavan) - Posts: 643 - 19/01/2016 16:30:37    1817731


And still the wait goes on for Dean Martin to explain the Spring League. A deafening silence.

Nobody follows Cavan football as much as you Dean.

I said "Most non-county first-team club players". If you look closely I used the word "most", I also used the term "first-team". So some Under-21s will be affected as they played in December but with the Spring League starting in March they still get a good break. Where do you get your information on a February start? The other games that carried over were reserve games, hence me saying "first-team".

The Breffni League in 2015 has absolutely nothing to do with your criticism of the Spring League in 2016, unless of course you think they're the same thing, but then you won't tell us.

Skelling (USA) - Posts: 289 - 19/01/2016 17:00:32    1817740


Yes ,Mc Dermott has a great engine, excellent footballer and gets into great positions but I still believe he has some work to do on his first touch. To often when he has got to the ball ahead of his marker he spills it when he looks to have secured it comfortably both on dry day's or damp day's as at present. Regarding the team v Tyrone would hope that TH starts with the players in form and not old favourites.

Western Blue (Cavan) - Posts: 69 - 19/01/2016 20:34:34    1817808