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While I Love To See Wee Country Clubs Doing Well The Future For Cavan Is In The Bigger Clubs

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Tomsmith here from Cavan Gaels Cavan best club for past 20 years

I have to say at the outset that I love to see wee Clubs out in the Country away from Cavan Town doing well, but I have to say that the future of Cavan football is in the bigger Clubs, not super clubs
Down the years it was the big Clubs, or should I say fellows that wanted to play with big Clubs who did the spade work for Cavan senior teams
Small clubs seemed to have footballers who enjoyed the Gaa game but also enjoyed the afters
To progress we need dedicated fellows who forego the big social circle and knuckle down to a hard training regime
So if footballers in Cavan want to play for the County at a high level you have to train hard and be dedicated

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3835 - 15/11/2023 10:48:33    2513103


as i suggested many times before you should try knitting it will break the boredom

breffnibluewhite (Cavan) - Posts: 430 - 15/11/2023 13:06:41    2513160


Replying To breffnibluewhite:  "as i suggested many times before you should try knitting it will break the boredom"
Different strokes for different people.
But back to the County team Galligan will be short changed if he dosent be careful in his selection.
I suggest that he runs a few divisional team trials and seperate the party men from the people who want to wear the Blue Jersey of Cavan with pride.
As I always say Cavan can rise to th occasion like what we did in the Polo grounds in 1947,

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3835 - 25/11/2023 18:58:04    2514586