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Young Players To Watch In 2023 Championship

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Has Cavan any good young talent coming through in the next few years and who should we look out for in this year championships

Gobs***e (Cavan) - Posts: 4 - 02/08/2023 23:35:57    2498765


Matthew Smith from Ramor is the one I'd have said, however I hear he may have an injury after the League semi final last week. Not sure how much of this Championship he will see. McCrystal and Valenci at Ramor also. Cormac Galligan and Cormac McKeogh at Mullahoran would be ones I know from my own club. One of the Shehus at the Gaels looks good. I'll have a think on others.

Loughduff Lad (Cavan) - Posts: 2378 - 03/08/2023 15:57:12    2498908