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County Final Day Without The Gaels

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Tomsmith from Cavan Gaels here.
Well I have to admire Killgarry for reaching the County final for the first time in many many years I have to say as a team from away out in the Country they did well to curtail Gowna.
Gowna has the advantage to playing on the big field in Cavan Town for along time .
Also Gowan had some victories over some great teams in the way to the final so Gowns lads would have learned a lot
It was agood final and best one played since the Gaels victory in 2014..

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3854 - 22/10/2022 18:37:29    2445050


Gowna deserving winners. Disappointed with Killygarry. Expected them to make it more of a contest. I think Gowna were there to be got at. Thought Killygarry were naively set up. They seemed to have only one plan for kickouts and Gowna were all over it by the second half. Thought that was very strange as Galligan is one of the few goalkeepers you would feel comfortable with going short. Anytime he did go short Killygarry broke out relatively easily.
Also thought it was strange to leave Cian Madden relatively free. I couldn't see any Killygarry men in particular set out to pick him up. The two Gaels games showed the importance of man marking him. Easier said than done but I think Killygarry had a few men capable of that job. It should have been either go touch tight or drop off and protect the D. Killygarry did neither.
The key moment in the game was when Killygarry had hit four in a row. Mattie McKenna breaks the ball over McKeever and Lovett puts it over. But Clarke gives another very soft free. That would have given Killygarry huge momentum and only 2 behind. Instead Gowna get a free out, go up the other end and Madden fists a point to go four up. Unlikely to have affected the result but it was a big moment.
Always thought it would be typical if the year people were criticising the standard, that would be the year a Cavan team goes far in Ulster. Gowna have a decent draw and good momentum with few injuries. I think this weather might suit them. They will need to tighten up in defence if they are going to compete at that level though.

97Cavans (Cavan) - Posts: 310 - 26/10/2022 19:51:39    2445558