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Division 3 North 2021

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At least Tipperary and Cavan won a provincial title, if as as some of you guys think, then let's see which off the underdogs come through this year! It took guts and determination to achieve it! Good on Wicklow, you took your chance and I hope more success follows!

fifty (Mayo) - Posts: 108 - 15/06/2021 22:57:42    2351314


Replying To seamusorinn:  "VINDICATED"
Is this is directed at seanorinn you may take time to read his posts never did he knock any Cavan team. He was direct and to the point and posted as he saw it. Looking at all the negative post since last Saturday it's unbelievable the posts. Concentrate on the next match ahead a win will be great. Once the championship is over then and only then should management think about the league going forward. Cavan will get out of Division 4 easy but after that it get's harder. Respect should always be shown to the league for it's a big income earner for the county going forward along with being able to play against the stronger teams when in a higher division.

Good luck to Micky and his team, try and be positive for it's not the end of the world despite what the armchair critics think.

The Quiet Man (Cavan) - Posts: 4601 - 16/06/2021 09:59:04    2351357