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12 players of ulster team of the year...wonder if that's a record

wishfulthinkin (Cavan) - Posts: 1676 - 22/01/2021 22:59:29    2328619


Congrats to the 3 lads on their All Star awards. . More awards this year than we've gotten in all the previous years combined!

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 5008 - 19/02/2021 08:42:15    2331958


Well done to the three boys who received All Star Awards, well deserved and in the positions that they were picked in they were the best in the country.

Hopefully with more hard work the county will win more awards and medals in the year ahead.

kildare blue (Cavan) - Posts: 578 - 19/02/2021 10:48:23    2331974


Congratulations to the three lads on their All-Stars, hugely deserved!

TheBlackDeath (Cavan) - Posts: 73 - 19/02/2021 10:48:55    2331975


Well done to Ray, Padraig and Thomas. Brilliant and well deserved achievement.

fredflint (Cavan) - Posts: 1483 - 19/02/2021 11:32:17    2331985


Congratulations on your all stars lads fully deserved hopefully it will be a common occurrence for the boys in blue.

[email protected] (Cavan) - Posts: 138 - 19/02/2021 12:43:49    2331997


Congratulations to Raymond,Pauraic and Thomas. Well deserved. Also huge congratulations to our other nominees.

Joebe (Cavan) - Posts: 76 - 19/02/2021 18:52:31    2332044


Congrats to the 3 lads representing the whole squad. Just goes to show that the qualifiers and super 8s need to be scrapped asap and there will be more 'weaker', 'smaller' teams able to cause shocks and progress to the trophy/all star stage of the championship.

wishfulthinkin (Cavan) - Posts: 1676 - 20/02/2021 13:31:01    2332123


Great to see the Cavan players get the recognition they deserve in the positions they played in last season, unlike at least 4 of the Dub's who were gave all stars in positions they didn't play in

wishfulthinkin (Cavan) - Posts: 1676 - 20/02/2021 13:33:40    2332124


Well done to the lads, richly deserved and thanks again for a memorable year!

Cavan_Shambles (Cavan) - Posts: 575 - 20/02/2021 19:17:20    2332171