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I told you: "Mol na daoine oga agus tiocfaidh siad."


declankillann (Dublin) - Posts: 83 - 31/10/2020 15:48:14    2303370


Replying To declankillann:  "I told you: "Mol na daoine oga agus tiocfaidh siad."

1 win out of 3 and a relegation is hardly cause for pubs to reopen....

wishfulthinkin (Cavan) - Posts: 1676 - 01/11/2020 12:51:55    2303780


Replying To wishfulthinkin:  "1 win out of 3 and a relegation is hardly cause for pubs to reopen...."
Ah wishfulthinkin what a moaner! What a goal by young pierson! what fetchin' by young Galligan! But we are like the doughnut we have a gaping hole down the middle. Oh! for a centre half back!
Declan killann

declankillann (Dublin) - Posts: 83 - 01/11/2020 15:06:02    2303830


Ciaran Brady is a good player but too attack minded for a centre back. You need a player that holds the position like what Cian O Sullivan does for Dublin.

Monaghans.James could have been out of sight in first half. They went all defensive in second half and Cavan dominated with Galligsv to the fore.

FoolsGold (Cavan) - Posts: 2761 - 01/11/2020 15:31:50    2303858


lf Ciaran Brady wants to go forward then play him in the forwards - a centre half back must never desert his post. it's possibly one of the most critical positions on the pitch,
BY the way if Killian Clarke had kept to his position at full back MCMANUS would never have scored his goal. Backs going
out of position are a disaster. Certainly, players in the full back line should rarely go beyond their own 45 metre line.
Having said that my mantra is: "Mol na oga......." . Those youngsters were a pleasure to watch on Saturday as was the whole team and not forgetting the subs.

declankillann (Dublin) - Posts: 83 - 02/11/2020 13:29:56    2304404


???????? Wtf

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5518 - 02/11/2020 23:32:05    2304656


Replying To s goldrick:  "???????? Wtf"
l thought the pubs were closed -s goldrick must have been to the local sheebeen last night.

declankillann (Dublin) - Posts: 83 - 03/11/2020 11:52:49    2304753