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National League 2020

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Replying To jokerjinx:  "So do we have to beat Tyrone Donegal Monaghan Kerry and Dublin to win it! Thought nothing could beat last year."
4 good teams there. . And an ulster final in the middle

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 5010 - 29/04/2021 19:56:31    2339407


Right I've watched last year's championship matches which I have recorded too many times now, it's not healthy anymore. Can't wait for Fermanagh, it's a dangerous darby opening game and there's never much between the two. Anyone hear any news on the panel or any scraps of news at all ? I think what was most pleasing about last year was that so many players stepped up to become leaders, they were in every line of the team, that gives me confidence for the year ahead

facer4home (Cavan) - Posts: 157 - 08/05/2021 15:22:15    2340549