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Replying To celt2018:  "Agree Cavanblueman, a brutal negative boring brand of football, exactly what i'm saying,players with talent being coached out of them, lateral all the way the other day v Monaghan, pity that Micky's more expressive game is not being started at underage county level, then the learning curve wouldnt be so steep.Several times the other day v Monaghan the two inside Cavan forwards made runs with lots of space in front for the early ball but players took the no risk option of passing it around 55 metres from the danger zone. I wouldnt mind but the defensive game wasn't very well played either imo."
This is why I say Cavan need players that have not been tarnished by manual coaches. Pure negative crap. I cannot understand for the life of me that lateral football is the order of the day it's puke crap. Suffocating the game is so disappointing.

The Quiet Man (Cavan) - Posts: 4601 - 02/07/2019 11:45:11    2204227