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Replying To Overlord:  "Any particular reason belturbet are dragging knockbride to ballyconnell for their league game when more convenient grounds for both teams are available like butlersbridge or drumalee?"
They dragged Lavey right down to Corlough so seems to be a tactic. I think the county board need to look at that. Clubs should be made designate one pitch if their own is unavailable.

BreffniGuide (Cavan) - Posts: 474 - 25/05/2019 10:17:44    2187246


You'd swear ballyconnell was the other end of the country the way you are going on.... Not much more than 5 10 minutes from belturbet were the game would have been played anyway.

gaelicfooty15 (Cavan) - Posts: 242 - 26/05/2019 16:02:27    2187657