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I wouldn't look too much into this game. Gaels lads more interested in off the ball and you could tell the ramor lads were young they were bullied. Both teams at 50%, hope we can just write it off and don't have any consequences from county board. If anyone should be punished should be ref for letting it go that far.

EastCavan (Cavan) - Posts: 183 - 16/04/2018 13:30:35    2093271


In my opinion the referee has to take full responibility of what happened yesterday, in a game like that where two of the best teams in Cavan are playing he should know to be bringing AT LEAST two of his own people with him to do umpire and not arrive on his own.. If hed of brought some of his own lads with him none of the stuff would of happened or if it did they would of been rightly sent off...

daddyknowsbest (Cavan) - Posts: 85 - 16/04/2018 14:14:37    2093292


Replying To EastCavan:  "Cavan Gaels Ramor game 5 reds and 4 or 5 blacks but i dont blame either team ref letting gaels boys punch lads in the face early on and that really set the tone of the game. In the end 3 penos decided the game. Neither team nowhere near full strength and was to be honest a terrible game, just as well it blew up 10 mins early. Kingscourt come back from a bad lacken loss to beat Castlerahan. All in the air"
1) 3 penos? There was only 2.
2) just as well it blew up 10 mins early. Again not true it was blown bang in 30 mins no injury time played.
Referee had no control he was very poor. I doubt ramor would be rushing to hand over the video of the "melee" . All in all tho neither team near their championship best lots more to come from both id imagine

Breffni81 (Cavan) - Posts: 181 - 16/04/2018 14:48:45    2093303


Off topic - Does anyone know when the draw for the Senior Intermediate and Junior championship is? Can't be far away? Also is it the same structure as last years championships?

IamADragon (Cavan) - Posts: 303 - 17/04/2018 13:41:51    2093540