Job not finished yet, stresses Ryan

July 08, 2024

Cork manager Pat Ryan. ©INPHO/Bryan Keane.

Pat Ryan says Cork still have to clear one more hurdle in order for their season to be deemed a success.

Stressing how the Rebels are judged on winning All-Irelands, he told reporters after yesterday’s epic semi-final win over Limerick: “I said this when I got into the job, fellas asked me what would be success in this job. If you’re a Cork man, you have to win an All-Ireland, simple as that.

“If you don’t do it, it’s not successful. And look, there've been fellas before me that have done fantastic things and got to All-Ireland finals and have been very unlucky on those days. But look, we judge ourselves in Cork on winning All-Irelands so we need to get back to that.”

The Cork manager was confident that his side could deliver a big performance when it mattered.

“I didn’t have any doubt that we weren’t going to perform today,” he continued.

“You could see it in training, obviously there was a lot made of maybe lacklustre performances against Offaly and Dublin. But look, from where we came from after losing the first two games in the championship, that took an awful lot of energy, emotional and physical energy to get over Limerick and Tipperary in those games.

“There was a lot of preparation needed to get us back into the championship. We’ve driven on from there.”

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