'One way or another Casement Park will have to be built'

July 08, 2024

A view outside a dilapidated Casement Park. ©INPHO/Presseye/Jonathan Porter.

New Northern Ireland Secretary Hilary Benn is committed to building Casement Park.

However, in his first visit to the 'Six Counties' since the Labour Party’s landslide victory in the UK Elections, he was unable to say if the West Belfast venue would be redeveloped in time to host Euro 2028 games due to spiralling costs.

“I think originally when it was conceived it was going to be something like £77 million. I have yet to receive a full detailed briefing which I will get tomorrow on the current estimated costs, but it’s a lot more money than that,” Benn said.

“There is a certain amount in the pot but not enough to cover the increased cost.

“The second (issue) is we are into extra time on trying to get it built for the Euros. That is about discussions with UEFA. I am looking at this urgently, it is probably the most urgent issue on my desk. One way or another, if it is possible in time for the Euros, if not, one way or another Casement Park will have to be built.”

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