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Lee Keegan throwing GPS at Rock? - 13 Like(s)
I saw it on TSG now, just something coming at him as he was kicking it. Didn't realise it was Keegan throwing his tracker. Absolutely scandalous behaviour if true

GeniusGerry (National) - 17/09/2017 23:15:55

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 13 Like(s)

Replying To moc.dna:  "Unbelievable that John Horan is out again defending the inequitable funding which has been proven beyond a doubt. Surely this is the role of the Dublin County Board CEO John Costello & not that of the Uachtaran of the Association who is elected to represent all ! Any comparisons between individual counties is only whitewashing, it must be looked at a nationwide basis. The problem is no one is willing to challenge them or stand up as most elected officials are too busy worrying about their own political ambitions & funding within the Association. If they want analysis let them have independent auditors appointed from Sport Ireland, not from within that they can influence. A certain western seaboard county had a GAA appointed investigation into gate money & credit card mismanagement, the details or actions or consequences to individuals never made public. Let's hope that he doesn't appoint the officials from both Croke Park & Cork County Board involved in the PUC story, to this or he will come up with two different figures, just a couple of Million in the difference. Outcome will be GAA appointed investigation, finds no major difference in funding no matter what way it's played, all the sports journalists were wrong, time to move on, lift the carpet, now where's that brush !"
Horan, when discussing Dublin in his supposedly neutral capacity as GAA president refers to them as 'us'. That will tell you all you need to know about his agenda.

GeniusGerry (National) - 03/07/2019 13:11:44

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 11 Like(s)

Replying To arock:  ""but money pays for the multiple of qualified youth coaches now plying their trades across Dublin, it pays for the strength and conditioning programmes, the skills coaches, the nutritionist and dieticians, the psychologists and physiotherapists all of which help raw talents deliver fully on their potential" Apart from the FACT this applies to every county, I don't know who these Youth Coaches are, you mean the ones paid for by the clubs/county board? You see i drive a lot around the country and what really amazes me is the amount of GAA clubs outside the capitol with superb facilites. So Dublin invests its money and capitol in participation and quality participation at that at all levels, it seems to me other counties place far greater emphasis and importance on capitol projects. Centres of excellence with tumbleweed swirling around them (we can all exaggerate to make a point no?), millions spent on stadiums with no games for them, beautiful clubhouses, manicured pitches with no teams to fill them. Maybe, just maybe counties will take a long hard look at themselves and say "we got this gig all wrong". Dublin have done at Inter-county level what Slaughtneil have at club level. The template is there, it is proven, but you have no bodies to invest in so you invest in grass and concrete, you have no desire to do the hard work. Most of the better coaches in Dublin BTW are country folk. Maybe this is why no one in Dublin takes anything you have to say seriously."
To be fair arock good facilities are necessary and important if you want to keep players and coaches involved. I don't know where exactly you are talking about that has been so wasteful but my local club has invested heavily in facilities over the years and they are put to good use almost every night of the week this time of year. They hope to further develop the clubhouse and put in an all weather training pitch the future. Coaching is done purely by volunteers. The fact that stadiums are under used is a failure of the GAA competitions format and fixtures policy generally speaking, do you think we should just play everything in Dublin? There is so much wrong with the way things are done right now it would require another thread. Should we let the infrastructure around the country fall to pieces then in your opinion? Where exactly is all this waste? I'm not seeing it in any club I am familiar with. And please don't generalise, can you name a couple of projects that were wasteful and now underused and let's see if the locals agree.

GeniusGerry (National) - 03/07/2019 10:13:44

Gooch In A World Of His Own - 11 Like(s)

Replying To CornAghais91:  "Yerra a magician no doubt. The greatest do it on the biggest days. AI final 2015...Cooper the magician disappeared that day. Yes he was a great player, no doubt. GOAT? No chance."
He showed up plenty of big days. He was long past his best really after that bad injury in 2014, never the same when he got back. I don't think he is the greatest ever either but picking one bad game late in his career to prove the point is really disingenuous.

GeniusGerry (National) - 02/08/2019 21:17:57

Kerry V Donegal - 10 Like(s)
I must say I find Donegal fans to be cagey about this game, most of the people on here saying Donegal will win are not from Donegal. I've friends up there from college and they are reluctant to call it either way. It was the same in 2014. Donegal were supposedly only travelling to collect the Sam Maguire but all the bluster and hype was coming from anti Kerry people who were dying to see us beaten. Donegal fans are very level headed and passionate about their team in my experience.

GeniusGerry (National) - 18/07/2019 10:42:33

Day Out In An Empty Croke Park - 10 Like(s)
You're stretching it there none of them are critical now bar Cluxton and McCarthy. O'Sullivan and McMahon are pale shadows of the players they were and O'Carroll was missing for years without it causing an issue. The team is backboned more by the 2014 U21 team more than the 2011 team if anything. Not that there is anything wrong with that. To be honest I was more perplexed at your comparison to the American sports which was really bizarre given they have player recruitment and salary systems deliberately designed to deter one team dominating.

GeniusGerry (National) - 10/06/2019 22:35:21

RTE TV Coverage - 10 Like(s)

Replying To LarryOBrother:  "Meath are at best No.10 ranked team in the country, on a par to Carlow in Hurling. Westmeath are probably on a par to Westmeath in Hurling. If carlow were playing westmeath in hurling would you call it a top tier game? Get my point???? RTE have it dead right in my opinion, show top class hurling early on and then show the Football when the cream starts rising to the top. Anybody dissapointed can just take the drastic step of going to the match themselves."
This is the reality, the Leinster and Munster hurling is the equivalent of the Super 8's in football. They are always going to show the games that will attract the biggest viewership. One gripe I have about the coverage overall is that the Sunday game is so awful. They show extended highlights of games that we have already seen live and then talk incessantly about them. You barely get a 30 second snippet of other games that may have been very good. If there is both hurling and football on that day and you are not from one of the top counties you may as well forget it! Surely there is an opening for a longer magazine style highlights show, even if it was web based and came out on the Monday I would be happy with that, or TG4 could do it. The overall coverage across both codes is really poor imo.

GeniusGerry (National) - 01/05/2019 12:00:24

RTE - Change Of Direction - 10 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "Dancing with the "stars""
And paying tubridy and co the guts of a half a million a piece GAA coverage on RTE is poor quite frankly. I have sky and watch most of the bigger games on that the coverage and analysis is miles ahead of RTE unfortunately

GeniusGerry (National) - 12/01/2019 00:36:13

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 10 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "Cake walk titles most of them Complete dominance and only for a push in the back would have been a very handy 5 in a row playing very few matches, and given how uncompetitive most of those were.. It's Very clear the level of opposition just weren't anywhere near good enough. A poor era. Teams playing 3 games to win an AI is ridiculous. Very large winning margins year after year. Utter dominance. Now compare that to this decade and the far superior competitive nature to the titles collected by the various winners. It's very telling that Kerry had it pretty easy. 15 games to win 4.. it took Dublin 28 to win the same amount of titles. Almost twice as difficult and zero cake walks."
Your attempt to run down one of the sports great teams is pathetic Jim. Every team played less games then and Kerry won titles right throughout the 00's when they had to play 6,7,8 games just as well. That late 70's / 80's possibly wasn't the greatest era in football but now is arguably worse where you have one great team and everyone else struggling for one reason or another. It's not 'competitive' if one team is winning everything, usually not having a glove laid on them until the final, if even. This is a great Dublin team but they are also the most privileged side in any sport that I know of ever, getting a massive leg up in every way imaginable year after year. And you regularly go on about Kerry having a weak province and all these extra games Dublin have to play. Leinster over the past five years has been an embarrassment and the extra games are against really poor opposition and you know it. It's conceivable that Dublin May never again be beaten there. Some players on opposing teams are actually suggesting strikes such is the imbalance in the province and the glaring gap in resources and standards, others have already walked away quietly with the result many county teams cannot depend on having their best 15 available any more. And you want to claim Dublins success is worth more than another counties? Pull the other one Jim

GeniusGerry (National) - 04/07/2019 19:23:41

Kerry V Dublin - 10 Like(s)
Nobody is going to lose sleep over anything on here. It's just annoying when any half decent debate gets dragged in to a childish slagging match. Always the same people involved who contribute nothing otherwise.

GeniusGerry (National) - 09/02/2019 08:53:20

David Gough To Referee The Final - 10 Like(s)

Replying To Joxer:  "Gerry, the Stephen O'Brien incident was outside the box. Cooper put his hand on Clifford's shoulder for the penalty. If that happened up the field would you expect a free? No. O'Sullivan took his man down. It was probably a black not yellow. No complaints though. I'm sure the calls will even themselves out over the two games."
There were two fouls on Steven, one outside, one inside. Either would have done fine in a game where scores were hard got. Cooper did a lot more that put a hand on Cliffords shoulder, he had a hold of his jersey and took him out of the play allowing Cluxton a clean catch. Penalty all day long, the rules are clear, albeit it's one that you'd get away with quite a bit. Most defenders would be a lot more cute / subtle in that scenario but I think he had lost the head a bit as he was in all sorts of bother from the throw in. Small dived for that incident with O'Sullivan, it's clear as day in the replay. Tom has a hand in but Small threw himself up in the air as if he'd been shot. It would have been a very harsh yellow imo and they explained why he wasn't booked on TSG.

GeniusGerry (National) - 02/09/2019 10:57:31

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 10 Like(s)
Croke Park is a millstone for Dublin? I have read some pretty hilariously misinformed comments on here over the years about Dublin funding but that just about takes the biscuit! I presume that was tongue in cheek? FWIW a €100m plus bill for your own stadium would be a millstone. The use of a state of the art stadium for a nominal fee is not.

GeniusGerry (National) - 03/07/2019 13:03:44

The Drinking Ban - 10 Like(s)

Replying To ISupposeSoSheehan:  "Couldn't agree more with Lee Keegan on this. Nothing wrong with a few pints. Too much is being asked of players nowadays. Thoughts?"
He is dead right. Remember that toughest trade programme where Lee Chin, Brendan Maher and a few other went to train with pro teams? They couldn't get over the drinking ban GAA players had to endure. Excessive drinking can't be tolerated in high level sport any more but there must be a sensible balance somewhere in between that and tee total for 6-8 months of the year. No wonder so many players are turning their backs on the game. The demands on current players are gone way beyond what is reasonable for amateur players.

GeniusGerry (National) - 17/04/2019 16:43:00

Mayo V Kerry - 9 Like(s)

Replying To MayoDan:  "Carr and McDonagh are 21. Treacy is 23. Not all our team are pensioners! Matthew Ruane 22 Stephen Coen 23 Diarmuid O'Connor & Paddy Durcan 24 Harrison 26 Cillian & Darren Coen 27"
Mayo have a nice blend of youth and experience and JH has done a good job bringing in all these guys this year. I think when people think of Mayo they think of the likes of Boyle, the O'Sheas, Higgins, Keegan and Moran, guys who all have huge service given and are still contributors. To me Mayo resemble Kerry in 2011-13 when they still had guys from a great team but they were bringing new people in and trying to make it work. The big issue mayo have as I see it is the injuries this year are going to be hard to overcome. I am hopeful more than confident for the weekend, I think Kerry will press Clarke's restarts often and won't be as open as they were in Munster. It's probably a 50/50 and midfield will be crucial as both goalkeepers will be going long a lot I feel. We will probably see Tommy Walsh during the second half and I am interested to see if Kerry can get him the right ball and if he can have an impact or not.

GeniusGerry (National) - 09/07/2019 00:18:31

Mayo V Kerry - 9 Like(s)
Liam injuries are often exaggerated by teams to try to disrupt the opponents preparation and game planning. Nobody is saying it's exclusive to Mayo. I don't trust injury reports during the week of a big game from any team including my own.

GeniusGerry (National) - 12/07/2019 18:22:48

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 9 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "I would acknowledge the playing advantage Corke Park brings, we are very familiar with it etc its defacto our home ground, its part of Dublin and vice versa. Also the the two S8 games are wrong. Its a hypothetical argument of course, but we are caught in a space between Donnycarney and Drumcondra, really neither suiting our needs. I think many premium tickets and corporate boxes for Croke park are sold with Dublin on the ticket, equally GAA commercial sponsorship. there has to be a motivation for prioritizing Dublni the re and that it in my opinion. If Dublin developed their own ground, were able to implement a Cairde Maegho system, sell their own premium and corporate ticketing and cultivate their own sponsorship, may be even naming rights over the long term and realise its own commercial value. I personally believe we woud be in a better position before you look at the normal organic benefits in terms of basic attendances and public or corporate amenities that a stadium like that may generate. That would be my opinion on it, i believe that why Dublin have explored the opportunity in the past and went down, as flat as a Dublin five in a row in Tralee, with the GAA."
There may be a good argument for a 30-35k seater stadium in Dublin or outside it somewhere as with falling attendances Croker is just too big now until you get to the semi finals in all honesty. What it would cost and the knock on effect of less games in Croker would be difficult to gauge without a much more detailed look. Tbh I can't even imagine what developing a new high spec stadium in dublin would cost with land acquisition and the insane development costs we have now. You are probably looking at double PUC. I'd be very sceptical as to whether the numbers would work for any likely stakeholder. I think most counties would be happy enough with Dublin's setup right now. There are a lot of county boards looking at dilapidated stadiums and wondering what to do with them as redevelopment is probably not viable with the current championship format. Cork is a good example of what can go wrong. It's a very complicated issue. For me the future long term should be a summer based league with games spread around the country. Can't happen without the infrastructure though.

GeniusGerry (National) - 03/07/2019 14:49:38

Mayo V Kerry - 9 Like(s)

Replying To sam1884:  "Every great team/sportsperson always have a moment when they burst onto the scene and make a statement they're ready to compete at the top. I thought offensively and defensively Kerry were scary today. There kicking, catching, power and pace was a joy to watch and it's hard to see how they wouldn't improve upon this in Croke Park. I'm not sure if they can beat Dublin this year but this looks like almost the perfect team already despite it's average age."
Steady on, they beat an injury ravaged and jaded team today. Kerry are a long way off a perfect team and are very much a work in progress. I think Donegal will really test how far Kerry have come next weekend in what will be a much more competitive affair. Very happy with today, it couldn't have gone any better for Kerry really. I said on here a few weeks back that our season depended on David's Moran and Clifford and if anything happens to either we are goosed. They were our best players today. If they can maintain that kind of form anything is possible for Kerry.

GeniusGerry (National) - 14/07/2019 23:30:40

Conor Cox Kerry Mistake - 9 Like(s)

Replying To summerof09:  "Too many passengers lad and not near good enough to win the All Ireland. That can be hard to take for any Kerry man. Back to the thread, Conor Cox should be on the Kerry team."
I'd say what you know about Kerry football could be documented on the back of a postage stamp tbh. Can you name one likely starter for Kerry in 2019 that could be labelled a passenger?

GeniusGerry (National) - 27/05/2019 12:15:32

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 9 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Often made that point myself Joxer. Someone from Cork/Galway giving out about Dubs natural advantages, while they play in provinces with Leitrim and Clare!!! Dublin's advantages over Cork and Galway are nowhere near Cork's advantages over Clare, or Galway's advantages over Leitrim! (And don't get me started on London and NY!!)"
You are correct and no matter what the GAA do they will never have a completely Level competition where we have 30-32 teams all capable of winning the top prize. That doesn't happens in any sport. One solution is to make the excellent NFL the main competition over time by moving it to the summer and have teams playing against sides at their own level. Fix the championship structure as well, there are numerous other threads about that so I won't get in to specific proposals here. There are ways that things could be made better and that's why the 2 tier proposal currently on the table is so disappointing. It doesn't fix anything whatsoever and looks like a vanity project for John Horan. Back to the topic, Dublin's dominance will either continue or they will fall back to being merely contenders, we will know soon enough. Any talk of drastic measures to split or weaken them is premature at this stage IMO.

GeniusGerry (National) - 05/07/2019 19:03:16

2019 State Aid Free Championship - 9 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "In the 2019 State Aid Free Championship we are being treated to some good football. Ulster was described as the new Munster Hurling Championship! Roscommon shocked Mayo and then Galway. Limerick claimed Tipperary's scalp against the odds. Clare made a battle of it against Kerry while others were watching the Champions League final! Cork and Kerry was an open and attacking provincial final. There have been some great games in the qualifiers in recent weeks. Football in the State Aid Free Championship has been good and entertaining. State Aid Free have to meet State Aid at some stage. This is where things will change. The Super 8 State Aid Free Group looks like anyone will get out of the group. The State Aid group should see an interesting game in Dr. Hyde Park."
Ha ha ha excellent keep them coming!

GeniusGerry (National) - 03/07/2019 15:51:40