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Come Back Mayo All Is Forgiven - 10 Like(s)
Said in jest meant in earnest , interesting I've heard more postitives about Mayo in last couple of days than when they were actually playing, I'm reminded of the lad who's injured and every time his team loses his stock goes threw the roof , of course I'm writing prior to the final but I have to say none of the teams looking to dethrone Dublin are within an arses roar of Mayo at there best , they were monster unlucky with injuries this year and truth be told in need of a rest , the championship needs them to comeback in 2019 regardless of who's champions , championship needs quality and only a fool would argue Mayo in full flow don't have it

Damothedub (National) - 13/08/2018 18:37:55

Meath U17s - 9 Like(s)
Congrats lads no doubt best under 17 team in Leinster , get behind your lads this competition has not gotten the coverage or respect it deserves well done

Damothedub (Meath) - 22/07/2017 16:20:20

Who Can Challenge Dublin In 2019 - 9 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "Can you just winter well?!"
Not a problem , if you guys can give up telling porkies on sports science , underage development and what's been done by all counties, I've been told I shouldn't go on about my son playing in development squads , yet he's one of these guys that is supposed to be getting super dietary advice and free meals , superior sports science training and in latest post potentialy paid so he or players like him don't go to Aussie , so let me ask you bearing in mind I have first hand experience when I read lies I should just sit and say nothing , I have no issue with the GAA looking at funding and redirecting funds if it's felt for the better of the game they are best served elsewhere, I am happy to play as many games away from Croke Park , but I won't sit winter or summer and have lies told by fellas who have a smidge of knowledge but pass themselves off as experts, if I asked what FMS is and how many disciplines there are to it how many could answer before reaching for google

Damothedub (National) - 04/09/2018 22:44:30

Total Indifference! - 9 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterman:  "Outside of Dublin and Mayo I don't think I have ever encountered as much apathy, indifference and disinterest at an All Ireland final as this one. I was talking to a few Meath fellas in Scotland at the weekend and they had the same attitude. Shrugged their shoulders and said "the game is dying on it's proverbial in Leinster. Dublin this year, Dublin next year and Dublin for the next 10 years"."
If you had come across the opposite would you have started a post on it ??? I somehow doubt it with your track record. I watched every final regardless of who's been in them for the last 44 years , I watch the hurling which my county are never in , and I will watch the minor final on Sunday , you see your either a whinger or a fan , with the likes of you we will never win because if we win the Nostradamus of the North will be on with his customary we'll done to be followed with endlessl posts of what he really thinks , and if we lose you will probably slate us for being overrated and gym monkeys , you see sooner or later you become predictable which my boy you really are

Damothedub (National) - 12/09/2017 22:16:58

Hurling Gets All The Plaudits But Is It Played Within The Rules? - 8 Like(s)

Replying To mayomanic:  "As we look forward to 2019 all the talk is centered on the football code and the recent rule changes. as always we'll have a mixture of good and bad, the good possibly being the offensive mark and limiting the hand pass with the bad having to go forward from a line ball and the sin bin (I just hate the sin bin in any sport including Rugby) it just leads to a lull in the game where most viewers are just hoping it ends without influencing the result of the game too much and without VAR it's a cop out for refs and it'll lead to much debate. Hurling on the other hand gets all the plaudits but is the game played within the rules? I don't think so. Its common place now for players to take 7,8,9 steps in most situations, throwing the ball is now accepted by all refs, anything goes in the tackle and something needs to be done regarding the scoring zone. Why anyone would wish to play in the full back or full forward lines in hurling is beyond me as the ball just keeps going over their heads. Its not a skill any more to hit a ball from sixty, seventy yards over the crossbar and its ruining the game. where would the great inside forwards such as Nicky English, pat fox, jb murphy, noel lane, eddie brennan, tony doran, tomas mulcahy, joe deane etc fit in to the modern game today? and finally aside from croke park and maybe semple the smaller provincial pitches are not suitable for inter county hurling today. when you pare it back and take away the crazy tackling (UFC with sticks) the overzealous and often embarrassing punditry of the likes of tommy walsh, micheal duighan and john mullane it's not what it's made out to be."
Congrats for living up to my life long belief that even the village idiot is entitled to his opinion, your comment is not worthy of debate

Damothedub (National) - 28/11/2018 20:05:33

Joe Canning - not fit to lace Shefflin's boots - 8 Like(s)
Horrible thread ,the title says it all , not fit to lace someone's boots,!!!

Damothedub (National) - 05/07/2016 14:02:49

Meath v Roscommon - 8 Like(s)
Regarding Stuart Lowndes , I think a tremendous talent , left my own club and sorely missed not going to go into the club politics of it all , but hes transferred and good luck to him , and for those who may think not good enough for Dublin not good enough for Meath , for me he would not be out of place in our Dublin team .

Damothedub (Meath) - 23/12/2016 11:13:23

All Ireland Final 18 - Dublin V Tyrone - 7 Like(s)

Replying To Cavan_Shambles:  "Dublin by 5. The four in a row is inevitable, and it won't stop there. Until the GAA addresses the farcical financial imbalance we're going to see this unfair Dublin dominance continue. Thankfully fans are starting to vote with their feet as evidenced by the paltry semi-final attendances. The message to the GAA is simple, sort out the Dublin debacle."
care to answer Dublin's performance in recent years at under age ? If money brings success I'm dying to hear your expert analysis on underage lack of success, or do you read in here catch the sound bites you like and regurgitate them as your own. Money has won nothing basic skills superior coaching from Gavin a volunteer, you could show some respect and recognize it , or go for lazy cliche posts. The reason i probably prefer hurling at the moment is posters like you don't exist in that code , best team tends to win and get recognized for it , and don't have to listen to the crap you come out with some how trying to tarnish achievements

Damothedub (National) - 12/08/2018 18:09:01

GAA Players Off The Field - 7 Like(s)

Replying To wicklu:  "Cringe"
Is that just Wicklow players or all inter county players , amazing we have no issue putting up hundreds of negative posts about players but someone would think cringe about positive posts , but then again Wicklow say no more

Damothedub (National) - 18/09/2018 09:04:31

Dublin strategic rethink? - 7 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "I know this may not go down well with some.. But with the probable loss of James McCarthy on top of Rory/Jack Do you think Dublin may need to look at things again? Our attacking options from the half back line have been greatly diminished It was worth pushing players like Jack and James forward because it was worth the risk We have to face up to it now, we are substantially weaker in defence now, it will be exposed. Do we need to look at protecting ourselves better now? Shore up the defence in the knowledge that we still have the talent up front that can do serious damage We may not score as much but IMO we can still score enough to win What optons do we have to protect ourselves against the long ball What if DB went in there under the high ball? We have seen PF playing well under the high ball in the full back line What if MDMC went back in there.. could we look at a more defensive setup with players getting behind the ball and then breaking at pace fro turn overs I think we may have to sacrifice options in certain areas to make up for the defence being weaker, we're currently top heavy. I'm not talking about going back to 2011.. but Gilroy moved players around to do a certain strategic job. I think we may have to re-think things in a similar fashion... We have lots of forward options and not enough defensive ones. IMO Gavin will need to bolster our current defence There are options to be considered, we have the cover up front to possibly think outside the box a bit..."
Relevant enough worries but you don't throw the baby out with the bath water , it's one player not three , Jack n roc aren't out they were never in , every game played this year was Knowing who was available, Jim Gavin doesn't do panic , he does trust and you bet he trusts his players and back ground staff even if we don't , there maybe tweaking but that's it . We decide to change style and we could become a mess.Styles are honed over time , look at the likes of Kildare when they tried to adopt a more defensive approach overnight.

Damothedub (Dublin) - 19/07/2016 20:57:07

Meath U17s - 7 Like(s)
Best of luck to your young lads , big incentive for the winner to be on a triple header in HQ

Damothedub (Meath) - 09/08/2017 13:11:12

Meath minors 2017 - 7 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "graham geraghty? :P"
no this glad was a clean player

Damothedub (Meath) - 01/03/2017 12:54:59

Congrats to Aaron Byrne - U21 POTY 2017 - 6 Like(s)

Replying To clondalkindub:  "Yes well done Aaron Byrne , he is another class act in the making. Need to get these kids game time asap"
Need to get them game time asap , where's the fire ? What's Aaron done at senior to warrant getting game time in senior championship ? What ever happened to working your way into a team ? who are we thinking needs to be dropped ? How many of these kids are you talking about ? Obviously Con gets the nod as he's not exactly new to inter county , as for the other lads join the Q work the ass off yourself the way it's supposed to be IMO

Damothedub (Dublin) - 22/05/2017 22:53:53

Meath v Roscommon - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Wedgie:  "The 'problem' is players of both codes who are deemed surplus to requirements by other counties are automatically welcomed with open arms into the Meath setup to the detriment of our own home grown talent. Where is the incentive for young fellahs to tog out week after week for their schools and clubs in the hope of winning a Meath jersey when the management will just bring in a few outsiders to take their places. How can we expect to compete with the likes of Dublin if we set our standards so much lower? How can anybody who can't get a place on the Dublin team so easily secure a place on the Meath team? If you're not good enough to play for Dublin you're certainly not good enough to play for Meath in my humble opinion."
Two things firstly you asked the question of his loyalty if both counties met in a game and he was standing on the Hill that was answered by another poster . Secondly we have had many a lad from other counties turn out for us in hurling I can guarantee you its had no affect whatsoever in kids taking up the game , I close to development squads for two age groups and lads are chomping at the bit to wear the county jersey . Last word on the subject , good luck for the season

Damothedub (Meath) - 04/01/2017 15:47:39

Dublin Senior Football Championship - 6 Like(s)
So for now we put the championship on ICE until Dublin quest for glory finishes , is it just me but could they not have gotten one more game just the one into the season before the inevitable cessation of club hostilities . Anyway Crokes and Boden oh yes tasty

Damothedub (Dublin) - 04/05/2016 13:00:06

I just don't see it... Dubs to win back to back - 6 Like(s)
Will I go yes Am I looking forward to the game , well lets just say I'm not biting my nails Do I like watching this current crop ? you bet your life I do , but here in lays the problem I enjoy watching them being tested , I enjoy watching them having to go deep and pull a win showing character as well as watching their undoubted talent. I don't need to see us batter every team in Leinster 20 times to know how good we are. If we put Westmeath to the sword which I expect we will , I will be sitting there not so much clapping ourselves on a job well done more so I will be thinking is a game against Westmeath ideal preparation for the teams that are ahead ? Each to their own , we are in my opinion victims of our own success , its not our fault that we tend not to meet credible opposition until qtr finals , its just how it is.

Damothedub (Dublin) - 06/07/2016 17:48:03

Meath minors 2017 - 6 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "woosh!"

Damothedub (Meath) - 01/03/2017 15:18:31

Meath U17s - 6 Like(s)
I posted this on the main page , you guys any idea what happens now to your under 17s ? The problem lads is how do you look after these lads , there is no u18 no u19 next stage is under 20 , This is a problem now for every county as minor next year goes to under 17 , we have a gap of two years where the question has to be asked can you keep squads together without tournament play. I don't know if our county board have plans for anyone after this year , no one seems to know , would like to hear your take on how its possible to keep them together

Damothedub (Meath) - 23/07/2017 18:12:59

Dubs Drive For 5 - Who Can Stop It? - 6 Like(s)
Saucers of milk all round and we're only in November should be an interesting summer

Damothedub (National) - 06/11/2018 16:10:47

I just don't see it... Dubs to win back to back - 6 Like(s)
Favourites for what its worth and deservedly so , no one playing better than us at the moment , Kerry haven't come off the bridle , our biggest challengers will come from up North , Mayo couldn't beat us when on fire cant see it the way they have played this year . That's current form discussed if I have doubts its in defence I believe we could be ambushed and have been saying it all year no one has hit us hard and committed to beating us , I think we have able replacements but they are no as good as Jack and Rory , we do however still look very strong elsewhere and to punish us you have to get the ball off us , with C Kilkenny making a serious play for player of the year we may just have enough , put it this way if we don't do it now we may never do it.

Damothedub (Dublin) - 05/07/2016 13:27:33