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Benefits top 4 teams enjoy - 14 Like(s)

Replying To golfcar:  "P Spillane commented yesterday on all county's spending huge amounts on inter county teams which I believe is true but I think the top 4 are now at professional levels of preparation , Mayo have a top class S&C although probably with Mayo before joining Arsenal(this shows how will thought off he is) & Dublin players have meals delivered to them,these teams are now at new levels and now makes it impossible almost for outside teams to compete"
I've had loads of meals delivered to me, Chinese, Indian, Pizzas etc. Never improved my substandard footballing abilities....

GreenandRed (National) - 08/08/2017 10:51:31

Mayo V Donegal. Winner Takes All - 14 Like(s)

Replying To Fiftyone:  "Really , you don't think thousands of people turning up without tickets is potentially dangerous."
Dangerous? It's in McHale Park not at the edge of the Cliffs of Moher.

GreenandRed (National) - 01/08/2019 14:43:21

"Why Should Anybody Have The God-Given Right To See All Games On Television?" - 13 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "Another way to look at it is that you're paying €160 annually for the right to them pay Sky more money every month. Can't get RTÉ without the licence fee but you can't get Sky Sports without the licence fee plus a Sky sub every month."
I'd still prefer that my €160 wasn't feeding a lot of public servants who also get some of my tax when I rarely watch RTE. I'd prefer if it all went to TG4 who promote our language and seem more clued in as shown by them live streaming games on YouTube.

GreenandRed (National) - 07/08/2019 19:09:07

Dublin Stars Pocketing €6,000 For Promotional Gigs - 12 Like(s)

Replying To Cavan_Shambles:  "Of course, everyone should just post unsubstantiated nonsense. Spoken like a man not well versed in reading newspapers."
'The Irish Independent has learned that the representative of one Dublin player recently gave €6,000 as the price for a promotional appearance. It highlights the contrast between successful players living in the capital and their counterparts around the country where such lofty figures would never be considered for a promotional appearance of any kind.' Yeah. Plenty of facts there. No name, maybe one rep for a Dublin player told somebody something. Did the player get 6K? Maybe but there's nothing solid there, hopefully he got more. As for the country counterparts, what evidence has he to back up his claim? Breheny co-wrote this. A man who rarely has anything good to say about anything and poor journalism of a so-called bad news story. It' s clickbait. Hopefully plenty of GAA players get decent money from endorsements. Clearly Dublin is the larger market so Dublin players can gain there. If not GAA then companies might look to other sports for role models to sponsor. And that could possibly be a tipping point to edge potential athletes out of the GAA towards other sports.

GreenandRed (National) - 09/06/2019 17:31:12

Dublin Stars Pocketing €6,000 For Promotional Gigs - 11 Like(s)

Replying To Jack_Goff:  "[quote=jimbodub:  "[quote=Jack_Goff:  "link As the hoganstand article suggests Dublin stars can expect to make up to €10,000 for appearances if they win the 5 in a row. Different ball game in the capital."
How do you know what else other county players are getting? Good on them Breaking their arse to be as good as they are"]"It highlights the contrast between successful players living in the capital and their counterparts around the country where such lofty figures would never be considered for a promotional appearance of any kind." Straight from the Irish independent who spoke with industry insiders."]When you have have the facts, comparing what some Dublin players get paid for this to a non-Dublin play, instead of hearsay, put it up here. Either way there's an agent or a fixer here getting a cut too. Fair play to any player from any country for getting a few quid for this, they don't get enough for it in what could be a short career.

GreenandRed (National) - 08/06/2019 17:56:57

Conor Cox Or James O'Donoghue - 11 Like(s)

Replying To summerof09:  "A Kerry poster doesn't seem to agree by saying JOD "is a better player than Cox in every way I can think of". JOD was obviously better than him in 2014 when he won POTY despite not scoring in the All Ireland final. Cox was playing junior football for Kerry that same season. Anyway the argument is about who is the better player at this moment in time."
A Kerry poster? Sure what would they know about top class football? How would they know anything about class Kerry forwards? The cheek of them to express an opinion! Sometimes the sporting thing is to respect someone's opinion even if you don't agree with it.

GreenandRed (National) - 19/06/2019 19:32:29

Mayo V Galway - 10 Like(s)

Replying To centerfield:  "Bottom line 2 all irelands and one other appearance in the final is distinctly average so in no position to comment about any other teams record"
In context, I'll be 51 in October, born in 1968. We last won in 1951, 68 years ago. To me that's a sign but then again I'm naively delusional. Fair play to Donegal who not only won those recent All Ireland's but knew damn well how to celebrate those great wins. Let's think about just tomorrow's game, life's way too short

GreenandRed (National) - 05/07/2019 22:19:51

Mayo V Galway - 10 Like(s)

Replying To Pullhard1985:  "Indeed Mayfair, as far as i can tell Mayos 'desperately unlucky' injury crisis amounts to 2 players being out, Diarmuid O'Connor and relative newbie Mattie Ruane, Seamus O'Shea wouldnt be getting his place anyway and Horan never fancied Parsons first time round so you could hardly include him in that. Smacks of making pre-emptive excuses, if they win it will be 'against-all-odds, injury hit, heroic warriors etc'... If they lose it will be because of their injury 'crisis', joe mcquillan etc"
Welcome Pullhard! Such insight like yours we haven't had in a while.......

GreenandRed (National) - 03/07/2019 19:00:33

Dublin V Roscommon - 10 Like(s)

Replying To mayotyroneman:  "The game started with Dublin hand passing the ball around for 1 min and 20 secs before attempting a shot which went wide..the game ended with Dublin hand passing the ball around for 1 min and 50 secs before the ref gave up and blew the final whistle..that sums Dublin up...a negative hand passing team"
So they played 66 minutes and 50 seconds, plus injury time, of great football trying to shake off Roscommon in tricky conditions so. Sounds a right good game. Shout out to your stopwatch too.

GreenandRed (National) - 03/03/2019 17:19:51

Leinster Football The Reality - 10 Like(s)

Replying To Malonemagic:  "After Meaths hammering today people will be quick to put the boot in on Leinster. But of the 8 back door teams remaining , 4 are Leinster, 2 Ulster, 1 Munster and 1 connacht. Dublin have killed the Leinster championship itself , but the other teams in Leinster are a match for anyone. Kildare beat mayo last year. Meath almost beat Tyrone. Laois won away in derry yesterday. And on top of this many leinster teams are playing without key players due to the hopelesses of it all. If Dublin moved to any other province they would kill that province too. They are phenomenal."
Dublin haven't killed the Leinster championship, it's up to other Leinster counties to give them more to think about and improve and eventually beat them. Look at Cork last night putting Kerry to the pin of their collar. As you say the other teams are doing well in the qualifiers. They need to keep improving and strive to beat Dublin.Dublin have a psychological advantage over some counties who get to games with a 'sure we'll do our best' atitude rather than self-belief that they'll win. Now definitely they are formidable opponents with a great manger but some teams are affectively starting games against them three or four points down. Donegal and Kerry won All Irelands recently so a whole load of positivity in the head might reduce that big gap a bit and it might breed the confidence needed to knock the off their perch.

GreenandRed (National) - 23/06/2019 19:14:53

Dublin Stars Pocketing €6,000 For Promotional Gigs - 9 Like(s)

Replying To Ulsterman:  "Dublin are a professional outfit and subsequently get professional reimbursement. Nothing will be said or done because the Dubs are still the cash cow for the GAA. It's the Emperor's New Clothes. Nothing to see, move on. Only whingers complain about the Dubs, know your place culchies. Amateur game my h**e!"
Yeah. Sure why try and beat them when you can wallow in self pity.

GreenandRed (National) - 08/06/2019 19:31:13

Mayo In The Big Apple - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Belclare1:  "I saw Colm Boyle eating in that great Galway food emporium based in Ballindine back in September, sat beside him, cost me a tenner..."
Hope they gave you plenty of Mayo for all them chips on your shoulders.

GreenandRed (National) - 13/02/2019 00:54:32

Newbridge Or The Curragh - 8 Like(s)

Replying To mayotyroneman:  "with the news that newbridge is going to be a nightmare on saturday for traffic congestion between the Derby at the Curragh, the kildare-Tyrone game and a normal saturday shopping afternoon in kildare town, the GAA have refused the change the time of the game because the big paymasters in SKY have decided on the throw in time....the monster has come back to bite them big time."
A similar thing happened last year when Kildare beat us. Wouldn't even compare to the crowds going to the Plough for three consecutive days every September. Very manageable. A testament to the organisation skills of The GAA, The Curragh, Sky and whatever broadcasters cover the racing. We'll have very little sport to see in a few months so we should celebrate these events and the windfall they'll bring to Kildare.

GreenandRed (National) - 25/06/2019 20:54:30

Mayo V Galway - 8 Like(s)

Replying To IamDonegal:  "Great reply. What happened in 2012? What abuse did yous get ? Was it Jimmy's winning matches coming on and people dancing and singing it? The jeering in 2013 was scandalous. I've been to almost every ground in Ireland. Castlbar was most hostile imo, just ahead of a packed Omagh."
So you've been to two grounds....

GreenandRed (National) - 04/07/2019 16:59:14

Dublin's Success Not Down To Money - GAA President - 8 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "[quote=GreenandRed:  "link True. But also the included prophetic article from Peter Sweeney from more than three years ago. link The GAA want not just Dublin but all of the top counties remaining strong while they plough ahead with plans for a tiered championship to improve the top standard and increase the gap to so-called weaker counties by providing them with more 'competitive' games. Such condescending rubbish. Competitive at a very poor level because the GAA have no interest in putting funds in there in the so-called weaker counties or change structures so that those counties get some meaningful games versus teams of a higher standard. The top tier of ten or 12 elite counties playing a championship. Local rivalries that stir the soul, even Division 3 v Division 1 and the chance of an upset all gone. In effect the death of the real soul of the All Ireland Football Championship. I think it's because accountants run the GAA at the top level and they think keeping the rich richer will keep the GAA strong. They look on it as a product but the GAA are games played by ladies and gentlemen who love their Jersey and play with heart and commitment and not by suits with calculators."
I wouldn't necessarily agree with the premise here, I think the end game is to go down the hurling model for the GAA if I'm honest. To be fair to the GAA though they pump significant funds into counties like Leitrim and Monaghan to try and bridge the gap between population and competitiveness."]Do they? How effective has those 'significant' funds been? How has the hurling model reduced the standards gap between the top counties and so-called weaker counties when so-called weaker counties don't play counties of a higher standard?

GreenandRed (National) - 16/06/2019 16:31:59

Another Spectacular GAA PR Own Goal - 8 Like(s)

Replying To 49erroyal:  "You can't play soccer on GAA club property - that's the rule and everyone knows it. It sounds like a brilliant cause but you can't knowingly break the rule, complain when you are caught and then look to get off because it was for charity. Because of the Liam Miller affair, charity soccer events can get clearance but for county grounds only. This could have got clearance for Ballybofey or Letterkenny. The club applied to both Croke Park and Donegal to host soccer at their own ground and were told no. The GAA community is raising thousands, millions for charities and people in need - such as Kieran McCarthy, the Lowdnes family or young Wallace in Westmeath. Whoever organised this event in Donegal - their heart was in the right place but the event was misjudged and now a whole club suffers."
When you say you can't play soccer on GAA club property would that include locals in the community using the clubs astro pitch for 5-a-side kickabout some evenings? If they wanted to do that surely the county board could ok that if they were paying for facilities and some of the soccer players also play football and hurlin and/or are parents of some of the kids playing for the club?

GreenandRed (National) - 23/04/2019 17:21:39

Congrats Mayo - Well Done ....... - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Cant believe we were beaten. Honestly didnt see it coming lads. I have to admit, I secretly was far more confident that I let on. Look Mayo, ye deserve it. Well done and congrats. Here's hoping we get a crack at ye next year to atone. We didnt perform atall. Well done lads. (wait.....what.........?? We didnt lose.....but......having read social media, mainstream media and general comment in the last few days its all Mayo Mayo Mayo........hang on.......whats the story!? We are still in it!!! Well feck that!! I was sure i Saw lads from all over the gaff congratulating Mayo for the last few days!!! Well in that case.............)"
That auld Drumcondra monsoon must have cleared up. Better fishing conditions this morning. Poor enough effort compared to previous enthralling threads though I'd have to say.

GreenandRed (National) - 20/09/2016 11:18:24

€12 for Croker crackers. - 8 Like(s) Dublin v Waterford at 5. Dublin v Mayo at 7. 2 cracking games for just €12 if you pre-buy tickets. Where can you get better value for a sporting occasion anywhere in the world? Should be a good few neutrals there too. May the best teams win.

GreenandRed (National) - 27/02/2017 16:12:03

"Why Should Anybody Have The God-Given Right To See All Games On Television?" - 8 Like(s)

Replying To eoghan6688:  "Or maybe the Irish language can be forced upon people, to an extremely small extent, because it ain't gonna survive if it's not given special priority by the media in some broadcasts and in this instance, the English language isn't exactly necessary when you can see and understand everything that happens with the TV on mute."
I think some of the drop off in speaking Irish is to do with the huge inlux of technology media we've seen in the past 20 years and probably moreso the past 20 years and almost all English speaking. People read books less and less, in English or other languages. TV, Tablets, Phones, Laptops beaming us stuff through the internet that catches the imagination of out youth's. Somehow we need to come up with a way to get people young and old voluntarily interested in speaking Irish. Even kids out training having to speak as Gaeilge during the training sessions might be worth it but it's definitely easier said than done. Put the Cúl back into Cúlcamps and promote Irish and the GAA too.

GreenandRed (National) - 09/08/2019 15:19:58

Mayo V Meath - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Thejoeshow:  "Based on what? Missed super 8s last year Losing to ros? Scraping by down Should have lost to Armagh Beat Galway Hammered by Kerry? I think mayos experience may well see then thru to but to call the suggestion of Meath wining 'priceless' is a bit much all things considered"
That's a fair assessment. Plus there's still a lot of 'sentiment' on both sides about '96. I was told that some Meath people hate Liam McHale still. I think it's just a bit of craic but a few still go quiet when they hear the Meath word! We'll have to up our game big time after today to beat ye. May the best team win. Maigh Eo Abú!

GreenandRed (National) - 14/07/2019 22:19:42