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Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 7 Like(s)

Replying To essmac:  "Really? They lost by 6 points and were never in sight of a win, frankly. Do you see them winning next year?"
Am I right in saying you talked your own county up this year and debated it with me? Kerry have a better chance as things stand than Mayo and Tyrone. Last years final was a training session.

TheFlaker (National) - 15/09/2019 11:45:20

Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Halfdinnerandraspberrycheesecake:  "Whelan offers nothing but he's safe because he's from Dublin. Rochford was poor but probably nervous. One day some pundit will be brave enough to mention Dublin's negative style of football"
Another WUM account. I'll choose Leitrim as my county because it's small and everyone likes Leitrim. Legend.

Joxer (National) - 15/09/2019 01:32:55

Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Bon:  "It was easy to listen to with intelligent respectful analysis. Pat Spillane was extremely dignified in defeat. Brolly was zero loss whatsoever."
Pat's analysis is no different than Brolly's - very poor-both of them could do with a trip to spec savers. I remember his slogan 'puke football'. In the match today there were periods when back passing went on for 1 minute plus and as Kerry were involved, the match was considered a classic by him. Match analysis is carried out by individuals and their analysis is no better than you would get in the average pub around the country- the analysis is a game in itself and RTE plays it own game.

browncows (National) - 15/09/2019 01:51:30

Joe Brolly Finished With RTE - 6 Like(s)

Replying To border Gael:  "I have to say that it was very easy watching and listening to the pundits yesterday evening. I was irritated before the All Ireland final started the first day by just listening to Brolly telling Pat Spillane to stop patting him. The stuff of a 2 year old.. It was much better without him. With Conor Mc Manus and Sean Cavanagh Ulster will be well represented without Joe."
Sean Cavanagh likes talking about himself and as an analyst I would give him 4/10 on a good day. Why did no analyst pick up the 9/10 steps for the goal which because of the speed could not be seen by the Ref. I though Galvin's description of the incident of the event was very good; 'a hound after a hare with the hare always going to win' a straight run.

browncows (National) - 15/09/2019 11:16:44

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "Nor do feral parasites in social housing..."
Speaks volumes about you.

Joxer (National) - 15/09/2019 15:18:23

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 5 Like(s)

Replying To timmyhogan:  "Not sure about your detective work there Flaker. In the drawn match in 16 when Lane had the whistle the dubs scored 0-3 (or thereabouts) from play - today 1-17."
Thanks for your input. You do know there was a replay and Mayo struggled for scores in the closing minutes where Dublin got them easier, including Costello who got 0-3 as a sub. Same for Kerry today, shooting percentages way down in the second half. Hope that clears that up for you. Same in 17 in the last quarter.

TheFlaker (National) - 15/09/2019 03:57:59

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To johnq:  "They are a great team, with a great manager, It is no mean feat to keep them motivated, but anyone who doesn't see the advantages they have is in denial. It shouldn't take from the players, nor the fans in their celebrations of a great achievement, but fans from other counties, have legitimate points regarding advantages."
Dublin have always had 'advantages'. Their population was always bigger. Proportionally, it was less in the past. Historically, they have rarely ever played a Leinster final, AI semi final outside of Croke Park. Nothing new there. Dublin players have always worked in Dublin and Dublin students have always had the opportunity to study in Dublin. Nothing new either. Though this advantage has surely decreased as it is easier to get in and pit of Dublin than in the past. There is large amount of money being spent on underage for sure. Disproportionately and that is not fair. However, it is for future teams and not this one. If this year's minor hurling, football teams is what they an produce after all the money spent, then waste of money. The only thing that is new is the bitterness to winning. Teams used to love beating Dublin in Croke Park.. Silencing the hill.. Mocking the jackeens so to speak. The advantages were only mentioned in pity.. Ie a million people and one shite team. Now, for the first time they have produced a truly great side. A team full of Dubs. They deserve nothing but credit. The standard has never been higher and they have set the standards.

bennybunny (National) - 15/09/2019 09:06:11

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To arock:  "My local here is rocking, they couldn't care less what a few miserable gits think"
Yet you obviously do as you responded! I'd say you're some craic, an apparently historic evening and you're stuck into your phone on a forum! Hahaha!

LimerickKid84 (National) - 15/09/2019 09:42:32

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 5 Like(s)

Replying To superbluedub:  "of course you are , your a Kerry man"
Why weren't you out celebrating instead of being your usual keyboard pruik?

baire (National) - 15/09/2019 09:56:45

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 4 Like(s)

Replying To BliainanÁir:  "[quote=Fionn:  "A bit of help from the ref in the 1st half... Under statement of the century We couldnt buy a free in that 1st half."
Ye couldn't 'buy' a free. Just burst out laughing at that. The irony, when ye can buy most other things in GAA."]Haha very good. I supposed when you get used to buying everything you expect it.

Jack_Goff (National) - 15/09/2019 15:46:53

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 4 Like(s)
The main reason Dublin won the 5 in a row was due to: having the best players. being well organised from youth-up in a large areas of the city that previously had no GAA (money helped in this aspect). having a great manager team who was able to pick the better/best players (well distributed from a number of clubs) all of above resulted in a huge amount of talent to pick from. None of above would have resulted in winning AI's without the very good management team combined with very good committed players- you cannot buy talent! I would add that there are many counties where you could throw money into, but they would not win AI's as they do not have the talent / numbers to pick from (money will not make a average footballer into a very good one).

browncows (National) - 15/09/2019 02:11:12

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "For Anton. And five in a row, And five in a row, Crying cockles and mussels, And five in a row."
For Anton.

dubdec99 (National) - 15/09/2019 09:08:15

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "Have you been hiding under a rock for the past 15 years. Get with it lad. It's not about sponsorship.Nobody cares about the AIG funding - it's the 18 million handed to them by the GAA between 2007 and 2018. 18 million!!! (Nearest beneficiaries are Cork with 1.4 million in this period).... this is on top of the 5 million of public money given by Bertie Ahern just before this period. Wake up."
Ah so that is the reason the Dublin Hurlers have been so successful and won so much recently... Thank you for the clarification on that. Good man Cringe

Fionn (National) - 15/09/2019 18:26:23

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "You loved it did you? One would think you'd be more concerned why Kildare's best players don't think intercounty football is worth the effort."
Away with you and start a thread if you want to discuss it. I am commenting on this thread thanks very much for your concern though.

lilylanger (National) - 15/09/2019 10:21:58

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 4 Like(s)
Congratulations to Dublin and best wishes to the Dublin posters on here, Clon,Liamo,Real Dub, Jim,Jackeen I'm sure I'm missing a few! Enjoy the winter see you next spring.

westkerry (National) - 15/09/2019 10:42:47

Stephen Cluxton - 4 Like(s)
Maybe he will retire Maybe he won't Regardless, this is the man. He is THE man. We have never seen his like. We may never again. Peeeless. The greatest Dublin footballer of all time The greatest goalkeeper of all time Clucko, it's been a privilege to watch you since 2001. A genuine privilege. He means so much to Dublin people and I think to football people in general. He transcends the sport. Legend. Hero. Icon Captain our captain God bless you Stephen Cluxton.

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 15/09/2019 19:41:20

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Eddie the Exile:  "Murchan hopped the ball 2m outside the D and kicked his goal on the 13m line, a full 22m further up the pitch. Bearing in mind the men's triple jump record is 18.3m it was some going in 4 steps. Still, given that the lad was probably concussed from a deliberate elbow to the face by Clifford in the first half, he deserved his goal."
David Clifford is a super player who I enjoy watching, but his elbow on Murchan was nasty.

moc.dna (National) - 15/09/2019 11:27:33

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Halfdinnerandraspberrycheesecake:  "You're taking the word of people on the most pro Dublin media outlet in the country. Fair enough, I like the history of the GAA and I'd rather watch the style of football the Down and Galway teams of the 60s played than the pass the parcel backwards style of Dublin today."
Did you watch the first 15 mins of yesterday's match? Dublin moved the ball very quickly and picked off some excellent scores. Their direct style was causing havoc for Kerry, who started the game with more players pushed up. As they were leaking scores badly, Kerry pulled more men behind the ball and started playing a more counter-attacking style, which paid dividends. They slowed the Dublin attacks, turned over the ball a few times and broke at pace to pick off some nice scores. Dublin readjusted in the 2nd half to deal with this and simply didn't engage the mass of bodies, instead patiently picking their opening. They'd have been daft to kick ball in quickly in that scenario and it would've cost them the match. To blame the team in possession for keeping the ball, when the opposition has 15 players inside their own 45 is stupid. If a team wants the ball back, they know what they have to do. Look at what Dublin managed to do in the last 10 minutes of the drawn game. They pushed up and took risks, even with 14 men, but got the rewards.

WanPintWin (National) - 15/09/2019 12:13:31

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "No they didn't. What an idiotic comment."
Sounds like someone's upset!!

LimerickKid84 (National) - 15/09/2019 21:25:12

Dublin 2015 - 2019 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To superbluedub:  "farmers don't pay tax -:)"
Nor do feral parasites in social housing...

Crinigan (National) - 15/09/2019 14:06:56