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Kilkenny and Tipp Give Us A Traditional All Ireland Hurling Final

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Replying To baire:  "The dark red hair didn't do him any favours! If he had played for any of the big three he'd have got better fair play. A certain Tipp forward, feigning injury, got him sent off in Croke Park - not nice - that's one thing Sylvie wouldn't have done! A brave heart!"
God that '87 final was a terrible match, best ticket I ever had for a final though. Always loved the Nicky English story about the '88 final. Near end of the match ,free into Tipp. Nicky asked ref how long was left, Sylvie aparently cut in and said "12 months".

Buachaillbui (Clare) - Posts: 65 - 02/09/2019 12:54:57    2231853


Replying To StoreysTash:  "You must not be as clued in as you seem to think. We stopped training in May for the month of May. Almost every senior club in Wexford did the same. We started in mid-June and it was mid-August before we got a game again.
You asked for an alternative, I already gave one above that the All-Ireland should be played in mid-July. F the traditionalists I am sick of them, easy to look back with rose tinted glasses to a time when the GAA and hurling was all people had.
Young people now days aren't bothered with the love of the parish tripe spouted by "traditionalists". All traditionalists do is stifle progress in almost every walk of life.
And I am playing for a senior hurling club. I am starting work next month for the 1st time and WONT be bothered with the product the GAA offers. That is all I am saying.
So no, I don't agree that the AI should be put back to September to suit the schools going back. The GAA have no problem playing 4 club matches in 16 days, imagine they asked Liam Sheedy or Davy Fitz to do it, what would the reaction be? Player welfare blah blah but don't worry about player welfare for the club player, they don't count?"
Its a hard oul station flower, I hear you.

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