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Open Letter To R.T.E.

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Replying To Marlon_JD:  "The term 'political correctness' might be starting to get misused/overused. Just a little at least.
But I do miss the likes of Cyril Farrell and Lounghnane, and I didn't think I would. At least they were enthusiastic, and in some cases dramatic (Loughnane the GAA's version of Alexis Colby, Joan Collins version, occasional catfight included). They brought a sense of joy to the championship coverage last year (along with the likes of Liam Sheedy), thats missing this year. "Sure, it was like a training session out there", yeah, thanks Jackie, insightful stuff. At least when Farrell and Loughnane were being trite, they'd speak so fast it wouldn't linger.

I know the games aren't as competitive, but they still contained some great hurling, no need for the panel to suck the life out of everything."
I miss Cyril Farrell and Loughnane.

Who other than Cyril could come out with this about Lar Corbett in 2011.

'He's as fast as 'Bin' Bolt as such like'.
Dessie Cahill 'Would 'Bin' be a relation of Usain?!'.

Or Cyril about something amiss 'it was like Cinderella under the Christmas tree'.

The older analysts had personality. Not up themselves about their hairdo or trendy clothes and boring as fcuk.

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Replying To perfect10:  "you must have thought it was much funnier than it was because you have posted it on at least 2 threads"
Dermot's new. I know the feeling, where to post, how to open a new thread that might be more appropriate.

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Replying To waynoI:  "I, for once, am speechless !!!"
Remember you used to write books Wayno? :D

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