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Replying To thelongridge:  "Interim SF management team appointed. Paul Rouse, Manager. John Rouse both Tullamore. Stephen Darby and Alan McNamee both Rhode. Stephen Darby member of the 1982 team, brother of Seamus, and father of Niall and Brian Darby. Alan Mc Namee is a brother of Niall McNamee.

I wish them the best. We have had 15 football managers from Tommy Lyons 1997 to Stephen Wallace 2017/18.
That is a lot of managers. It is much the same in hurling.

Some promising managers down the years were jettisoned by Offaly. Paul O'Kelly, Gerry Fahey resigned after surviving by one vote a vote of confidence. Kevin Kilmurray, Leinster finalists 2006.

Had Offaly beaten Wicklow there would have been no upheaval. Some personalities took to Twitter and media afterwards.

Any posters want to take a chance?"
Of all the questions Colm Parkinson has had to ask on The GAA Hour, this was as strange as they come.
Colm Parkinson: I'm just trying to see it from the Offaly county board's point of view. So you're suspended and it's obviously difficult being at training and whatever and they're working with you on that. Then the loss to Wicklow so maybe in their heads then they're thinking, 'right, him not being at training is affecting it'. And then maybe it was an error of judgement on your part - the pictures of you up in the stand with the hat and the hoodie, you looked like a gangster up there. I'm sure if you were to do that again, you wouldn't have done it. All these different things are building up, then Brian Gavin really stuck the boot into you and it culminated with you getting that phone call.
Stephen Wallace: Regarding what I was wearing that day, I had about six layers of clothes on my in O'Moore Park because I was dying with a flu all week, I was absolutely choked. I had layer after layer after layer and, as you know, that concrete stand in O'Moore Park doesn't get a lot of sun. I was coughing and spluttering and the last piece of attire I put on was a wooly hat and a hoodie because I was choked with a flu. I'm just telling people why I was dressed like that but is there a dress code now for a manager? I was sick, I wrapped up warm and that's a problem now? Come on, Colm, this is getting ridiculous.
Colm Parkinson: I'm trying to give a side of it that might be someone else's argument, that that's the image of Offaly football with you up in the stand kind of looking like someone ou
Stephen Wallace: Well you might propose, in your role as a big influencer of the GAA, that there might be a managerial dress code.
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Fortunately / Unfortunately we live in a world of politically correctness, dare I ask, if that was a Female manager and the same conditions were met, would her dress code have been brought into question, and to explain why she was dressed like a Gangster.
I'm only asking, - - -

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 1812 - 20/05/2018 13:49:32    2102277


I would hold back on slamming Brian Gavin and Offaly county board without knowing the full story. An incident happened a number of weeks ago an Wallace had to go simple as.

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Parkinson, what a great interviewer he is!

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