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Sunday Game 2018

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Replying To maximus02:  "Completely agree, couldn't believe they didn't show that point and Dessie Mone's in the actual highlights of the game. You'd have to wonder who does the editing of these games and have they a clue what they are at."
An editor out of UCD media school who probably knows nothing about GAA or sport in general.

BigJoe14 (Meath) - Posts: 306 - 22/05/2018 10:29:36    2102939


Replying To BigJoe14:  "An editor out of UCD media school who probably knows nothing about GAA or sport in general."
It was a farce ....The coverage is so bad now its not even funny....


We don't want the hurling games on we have seen already.....Show the football then show the McDonagh cup in detail!!!

Get your act together RTE or else just leave the whole thing to SKY

BigJohn.6_8 (Galway) - Posts: 666 - 22/05/2018 10:57:55    2102946


Replying To riverboys:  "RTE will claim that cameras or commentators weren't at the games but last Sunday Ger Canning was doing the TV coverage of Cork v Clare in hurling while on Radio 1 Daragh Maloney was commentating the same game, both work for RTE! Why didn't 1 person do the commentating for both TV and radio and put the other person doing some other game. Why can't they show another game on RTE+1 or RTE News channel, a few years ago TG4 were showing Pro 12 rugby game Munster were playing, we were told to press the red button if we wanted to see the Connacht game instead and lo and behold there was the other game, why can't RTE do the same or are they like statues afraid to do anything. The night show is a mess, showing the live matches over again with untelevised live games getting a few mins, totally wrong way to do a show, show us the untelevised live games then show us a few mins of their televised games. I wrote to RTE in the past about their format, when games are on in Croke Park and for example Mayo, Kerry, Donegal, west if Ireland teams are playing at 4pm in Dublin it's nearly impossible to be at the game then make it home in the west on time to see the highlights at 9.30, i told them why don't they show and talk about the 2pm game first then show the later game after tht but no response, they don't want to be told how to do anything, it's their station and they call the shots, no wonder they have lost the pro 14, 6 nations in rugby, champions league, premiership in soccer, some horse racing"
I would agree with you on most of that, though I would point out one small issue. It's not practical for the same person to do commentary on both radio and TV. They are very different and the radio commentator needs to paint the pictures that a TV commentator does not.

However, having the same game broadcast live on both Radio and TV is somewhat redundant, to be sure.

TearsIn85 (Monaghan) - Posts: 28 - 22/05/2018 11:14:33    2102955