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Hurling Championship Prediction Thread

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Replying To carlovia:  "We fell out.

I will be looking for a replacement over the next few months."
Think we will head to the Dinn Ri, I was there once or twice, good spot.

thelongridge (Offaly) - Posts: 1005 - 29/08/2018 11:42:51    2137356


Replying To carlovia:  "There are too many people to thank without whose help I could never have climbed these steps.

Firstly my family for allowing me to analyze hurling matches for days instead of looking after them.

I'd like to thank my background team, physio, masseuse and kitman.

But most of all the generous sponsors from who are providing the prize of a visit to O'Connor park and 100,000 euro.

For me it was never about the money but the glory for Carlow.

I'll see you all in Dinn ri."
Ha ha ha. Well said.

Trump2020 (Galway) - Posts: 371 - 30/08/2018 04:15:34    2137570