Attacking mark won't be ignored forever - McGinley

February 21, 2020

Enda McGinley in action for Tyrone in 2009. ©INPHO/Donall Farmer.

Enda McGinley says it’s only a matter of time before teams start to exploit the possibilities presented by the attacking mark.

The new rule has received a lukewarm reception to date, with managers slow to embrace it, but McGinley believes the possible gains are too great to be ignored:

“In the famous scientific phraseology, there are the ‘unknown unknowns’ in that, in this case, it is impossible to fully predict the impact of the rule and its eventual knock-on effects,” the former Tyrone ace writes in The Irish News.

“There are also the known unknowns’, in this case for me, the known is the fact the GAA will almost inevitably further tinker with the rule, the unknown is the direction of such changes.

“The ‘known known’ however, is that teams will use every avenue possible to help them win and while it has been ignored somewhat to date, the attacking mark, in favour of it or not, gives too much of an advantage to continue to be ignored.”

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