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Cavan In The Qualifiers/ Super 8S - 1 Like(s)

Replying To BreffniGuide:  "Watching the Super 8s game today, we were very unfortunate. It looks like the clear top 4 teams in the country are Dublin, Kerry, Donegal & Tyrone - we played two of those teams to end our season. Meath vs Mayo today was a very poor game and I'm not being optimistic when I say we could have beaten either of those two sides in Croker today."
I actually agree with you. I thought the same myself. This makes one wonder why we were so pathetic against Tyrone. I think both Meath and Mayo would have had a right go at Tyrone. True they may have been beaten but Cavan for some reason didn't want to know.

s goldrick (Cavan) - 22/07/2019 20:43:13

Cavan In The Qualifiers/ Super 8S - 1 Like(s)

Replying To The Quiet Man:  "You disappoint me Cavan_Shamble seems like I miss read you. Show me where I said Waterford are better than Cavan please. But it's a narrow call on present form fro Cavan it's that simple."
You can't even remember what your opinion was two hours ago. You were asked, "are Waterford better than Cavan?" Do you remember typing the words "that is hard to answer but I expect that they are".

Cavan_Shambles (Cavan) - 22/07/2019 16:33:28