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Roscommon are out...

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So Roscommon are out, Fermanagh turned them over. So where does that leave Cavan. I tell ya bottom on the pile in Ulster along with Antrim. The fact is when it comes to big games our lads don't step up. Look how Fermanagh are progressing under Pete Mcgrath's guidance, a manager with a track record and who has achieved success in the past. We need to get rid of Hyland.

Mike_Clitoris69 (Cavan) - Posts: 218 - 12/07/2015 20:42:59    1752097


Good balanced post. Are you mowbars alter ego? Sad thing is some of your post has merit.

sceptical (Cavan) - Posts: 542 - 12/07/2015 21:16:34    1752135


there is already a post about new managers ,but Hylands not getting the best of the players and he cant seem to keep the players either ,if things don't change we will get relegated in the league as it will be a lot tougher than last year with Tyrone ,Derry ,Fermanagh ,Armagh its a nightmare of Ulster teams and if we don't make serious changes we will be back in division 3 like a shot, tactically hyland is very weak too.

bisto kid (Cavan) - Posts: 492 - 12/07/2015 21:44:00    1752174


It proves that we have not progressed, and with the majority of teams in Div 2 next year from Ulster one would have to fear our status remaining there. A week has gone by now, I think its time the CB stop sitting on the fence and make the move of appointing new management, give the new management to see players during the Cavan championship.

goonie (Cavan) - Posts: 281 - 12/07/2015 21:46:23    1752175


Fermanagh's win shows that Ros are no great shakes and that we could've beaten them had we kept 15 men on the field, not conceded an illegal goal or had a perfectly good point disallowed.

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 3738 - 13/07/2015 08:26:41    1752193


Same ould S&*te. We are no different than the majority of teams in the country. We don't have that Marquee forward and struggle to get scores against well prepared well drilled teams. McManus and Quigley are the main men for their counties. Huge praise to Pete McGrath and Raymond Johnston for getting Quigley trim, fit and composed, he is probably playing his best football so far. Take Quigley or McManus out of either county and they are a different prospect. What we could do with a forward like that. (and before some idiot comes in with a line about the two footed two faced what could have been, he is injured and not an option thank God)
We are competitive (yes the Rossies are bogey team), we have a great work ethic in this team (that hasn't been there since 97, and we have very competitive U16s and U18s coming through. We have no money for an outside manager, anyone at recent county board meeting or the emergency club meetings will tell you that. We have a county man that is doing his best for his county. We all have faults with selection and tactics at times but what manager has no faults? Really the most important people to decide on this is the County board and the players. If there is a change in management then people need to be realistic about who we can get

cavan97 (Cavan) - Posts: 369 - 13/07/2015 09:25:58    1752241


Going back to the Roscommon game, the period from after the early goal to about the 20th minute was the most disappointing period of play from the team all year. The goal should have been a major boost to performance levels. However, it had the opposite impact. The 15 minute period to half time seemed to suggest that the game was starting to go our way particularly as we had wind advantage in the second half.

Yesterday's result shows that Roscommon were not going well since the league final, nothing more nothing less. They will be playing Division 1 football next year and have a lot of talented players! It does adds weight to the argument that Cavan have not progressed in the past 12 months as some on the site suggest. On balance however, I think it shows that the Roscommon game was a marked decline in performance level of the team from the Monaghan game.

The County Board will have to reflect on what constitutes the best way forward but yesterday's result was indirectly not good news for the current management.

kildare blue (Cavan) - Posts: 562 - 13/07/2015 10:08:16    1752293


Excuses excuses excuses. There are always lads ready with them for every time we are beaten. No shortage of excuses for team and manager.
If we had this, if we had that. If only ....
We won 4 Ulster U. 21's in a row and we obviously scored more than the opposition to achieve this. Yet we have no forwards????
Get a grip lads.
Poor game plans. poor substitutions and players leaving the panel as a result. There's your reasons.

Cavan_Slasher (Cavan) - Posts: 10253 - 13/07/2015 10:29:37    1752313