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Mr Hyland stay and set up Div teams to see talent

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Tomsmith here

Mr Hyland I say stay in the Cavan management job
We need you but I feel you need to change your focus and get the best players in Cavan to play for Cavan.
I as a humble supporter offer these few suggestions
No 1 set up a committee to see why Cavans best players are not playing for Cavan
No 2 set up Divisional teams to see our best talent
No 3 set up a supporters forum where Cavan supporters can channel new found talent names to the management
No 4 set out a road maps of what you expect each club to do

I have refrained from making any comment for almost 24H, but with people making comments elsewhere about anew manager I can not stand idly bye and not support our underfire manager

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3225 - 05/07/2015 18:13:01    1747855