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Cavan V Roscommon

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Cavanman 47 i done this last night with a friend and 2 club managers your comments are much of a muchness with the two managers maybe a point or so on one or two players will put mine up later thanks for your imput

asitis (Cavan) - Posts: 233 - 08/07/2015 13:00:28    1749813


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asitis, ill give it a go. .

galligan - not a keeper and not used by mgmt to take frees either. kickouts decent. 4
mcloughlin - not his best game but was far from our worst defender. 5
mcenroe - not a fullback. can take v little from that performance. 3
brady - not sure what his role was. 4
murray - got forward well, should be at half forward. 6
flanagan - poor, although harsh yellow prevented him tackling the rest of the game. 4
o'reilly - anomynous. again. not intercounty standard. 3
mckiernan - mixed good with bad but caught a lot that came his way. 6
corr - was playing ok until moment of madness. 4
mackey - also mixed good and bad but wanted to make things happen. 7
mcvitty - same. 7
reilly - shouldve kicked a couple of frees that he missed. 6
mcdermott - kicked one nice free, hope he recovers quickly. can't really rate his performance
argue - ball didnt stick but wasnt delivered with any real quality. 4
flanagan - usual effort but with little end result. 5

So overall, I've given our starting 15 pretty poor ratings - but ratings which i think many would agree with. For us to be on an even keel with Roscommon (until the sending off) while playing so badly shows that there is potential there.

As for the subs, Barry Reilly was the only one made any real impact. Dunne should've come in for McDermott or should've started!

can't agree with your last line, I though both Ciaran Brady and Conor Moynagh played really well when they came on and improved the team at that point.

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5262 - 08/07/2015 15:01:47    1749917


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The ref was wrong to disallow the point. Rule 4.9 below exception (ii)

4.9 For an attacking player to enter opponents'
small rectangle:
(a) During Play (excluding Set Play), before the
final play of the ball into the small rectangle.
(b) In Set Play, before the ball enters the small
(i) If an attacking player legally enters the
small rectangle, and the ball is played
from that area but is returned before the
attacking player has time to leave the
area, provided he does not play the ball
or interfere with the defence, a foul is not
(ii) When a point is scored from outside the
small rectangle and the ball is sufficiently
high to be out of reach of all players, the
score shall be allowed even though an
attacking player may have been otherwise
illegally within the small rectangle before
the ball - provided that the player in
question does not interfere with the
4.10 (a) To change the ball from one hand to the other,

Thanks for that evan011. so that proves that the ref didn't know the rules. the point from Barry reilly should have been awarded. also the Roscommon "goal" should have been disallowed. thats a 4 point swing. regarding the Mossy Corr incident. I seen alot worse from the Kerry boys against cork. blatant striking of an opponent in front of the ref with no action taken. again the ref was wrong in what he did.

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5262 - 08/07/2015 15:05:34    1749921


Here goes
galligan 3 felt he was lost in goals first two goals should have been stopped kickouts should have been aimed for gearoid too many short ones
mcloughlin 6 have seen him play much better but best defender on day
mcenroe 5 not his natural position so playing out of comfort zone didnt figure as much as id have liked
brady 5 felt he tried hard needs to define his position more
murray 6 played well tried hard went forward any oppurtunity he got
flannigan 5 didnt figure much after yellow but done his best
o reilly 3 not a fan of his but to me wasnt at the game at all
mckiernan 6 played well with the ball he got needed more kickouts aimed for him
corr 5 was playing well but was stupid to do what he done needs to hold his temper
markey 7 to me tried the hardest of any one to make something happen few dodgy passes but generally best on field
mcvitty 7 played well for periods of game very cabable young man more to come from him
reilly 6 not his best game we all know lots more in him just a bad day
mcdermott 4 wasnt long on but marking for what id seen
argue 3 very disappointed with him not showing any imagination when he gets the ball not very physical
flannigan 5 good effort but nothing to show for it

feel barry reilly has a lot to offer hays a bit more to go very young will be a asset in the future felt dunne should have started

asitis (Cavan) - Posts: 233 - 08/07/2015 15:24:47    1749935


also brady as a sub feel he is close to a starting place

asitis (Cavan) - Posts: 233 - 08/07/2015 15:27:52    1749940