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Hurling penalties

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At congress today so far the headline news is that from now on penalties in hurling will be taker versus goalkeeper with the ball to be struck on or outside the 20m line.

This is a good call and those with the monkey's on their backs crying about it will not have to cry no more.
Will it make a difference time will tell but the standard of hurling from the counties like my own Cork and Tipp Dublin Clare Kilkenny Waterford Limerick Galway even Wexford and Offaly the quality free taker will give the goal keep no chance. If they change the diameter and weight of the ball the goalkeeper will have a chance but if it remains as it is no keeper will have a chance against the quality players no matter how good he is. Sean

The Quiet Man (Cavan) - Posts: 4517 - 28/02/2015 13:15:14    1697626