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Ulster SFC 2015. Cavan v Monaghan

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Evano 11 ... What differance does it make that the black card was resinded...? We lost a vital player at crucial time in the game for a clumsy tackle..but getting the card recinded means nothing.. The ref should be called into question for having a major say in the outcome of a match.. Black card resinded...!!! What a joke

Sean/Dean.. Evan01 was replying to Deanmartin who said it was a definite black card . He said Martin deliberately dragged down his man to the ground. Now it has been proved that Martin did not do that. It never looked like a definite Black card at the time either. It looked like Martin couldn't get out of the way as the player cut across him and Martin put his hands out to balance himself , both players ended up on the ground but it was an accidental collision. a free alone would have been the correct decision at the time. Small margins cost you games yet some posters on here would have us believe that we were nowhere near Monaghan and that Terry should go because of that. If every team that lost by a point sacked the manager it would be a poor state of affairs. Look at Laois for instance, going through managers like a baby goes through nappies and are they improving ?. what we need is a sustained period of stability after years of changes and under-achievement.

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