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NFL Division 2 2015

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its not an issue as to who won it but it's an issue that the top rte GAA presenter doesn't know who won it or made a mistake as to who won it. BTW I haven't heard the broadcast .

s goldrick (Cavan) - Posts: 5250 - 26/09/2014 12:22:24    1657191



Now that I read your post I remember looking at the TV that night thinking "what is this fella on about, Cavan won that game not Kerry"...I was as puzzled as you were. Strange one alright, but at least we know who won, that's all that matters.

Ned_Stormcrow (Cavan) - Posts: 1022 - 27/09/2014 14:05:50    1657449


They say a week is a long time in politics , you can certainly say the same about football . Has the past week changed anyone's opinions about next years league ? It's early days to be getting too excited yet I know but it looks like a good move regarding recent appointments and hopefully we see a more aggressive attacking game from Cavan . The championship draw was a beauty as well and the push for a place on that starting 15 in Breffni come May should give a real shot in the arm to league performances as well .
One thing is for sure , anyone thinking of heading off to the states next year to play football , then county football is not for you - period .

Hardtimes (Cavan) - Posts: 1056 - 14/10/2014 13:41:14    1663518