"We've never talked about any in-a-row"

May 14, 2019

Dublin's James McCarthy celebrates after winning a four-in-a-row of All-Ireland SFC titles. ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy.

James McCarthy insists there’s no talk of five-in-a-row in the Dublin dressing-room.

As the Dubs prepare to open their championship campaign against Louth on Saturday week, the six-times All-Ireland winner says Jim Gavin’s men take each year as it comes:

“I enjoy the history of the game, I’ve watched a good few sports documentaries. I don’t know about taking anything out of it. The summer is the summer, and the games are the games,” The Ballymun clubman told The Irish Times.

“From our perspective, we’ve never talked about any in-a-row, all that kind of stuff. We take every year on its own, league first, then it’s championship. Same thing this year.

“All our focus is on the first game, people are going to say it to you, everyone knows it’s out there, people are going to wish you well. That’s the perspective I take on it. It doesn’t add any extra pressure or any of that.”

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