"No matter what system you bring in, you're still going to get hammerings"

October 25, 2021

Pat Spillane

Kerry great Pat Spillane believes the GAA's Special Congress was correct to vote against Proposal B on Saturday.

The proposal fell close to 10% short of the votes needed from delegates and, speaking to RTE Sport, Spillane said that while he feels the proposal is good it still needs to be altered to make it great.

"I thought the decision was a correct one," said Spillane. "It's clear after yesterday (Saturday) that a majority accept that the GAA championship isn't fit for purpose. It's not working and we need to revamp the championship.

"It needs to be more competitive, we need more meaningful games for weaker counties, we must breathe life into it, and if at all possible we need to close that gap between the weaker counties and the stronger counties.

"Option A was never a runner. Option B gave you the choice of choosing between the lesser of two evils but it had too many flaws; it wasn't the ideal solution.”

He added: "Let's be realistic, society is very unequal. Communism and socialism were great ideas - that everybody should have equality - but they failed. Sport is a mirror image of society, where there's strong and weak, big and small etc.

"No matter what system you bring in, you're still going to get hammerings."

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