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All-Ireland SFC Qualifiers Round 1B
Offaly 0-16 Cavan 1-17, Tullamore, 6.30pm FT
Armagh 0-20 Fermanagh 0-11, Athletic Grounds, 6.30pm FT
London 0-12 Carlow 0-13, Ruislip, 1pm FT

Leinster SFC semi-final
Dublin 4-29 Westmeath 0-10, Croke Park, 4pm FT

All-Ireland SHC preliminary round
Laois 2-14 Carlow 1-16, O'Moore Park, 3.30pm FT



That's it from us for another weekend..


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-20 Fermanagh 0-11 FT

Armagh have a relatively easy win as the advance to round 2B.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-19 Fermanagh 0-11

Armagh are finishing strongly as Grimley tags on another point.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-18 Fermanagh 0-11

Campbell's point comes deep into injury time.


SFC Qualifier: Offaly 0-16 Cavan 1-17 FT

Cavan are through following this impressive win over Offaly whose year is now over.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-17 Fermanagh 0-11

Ethan Rafferty adds to Armagh's tally.


Red Card

Cavan are down to 14 men after James McEnroe is shown a second yellow card.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-15 Fermanagh 0-11

Ryan Lyons is on target for Fermanagh.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-15 Fermanagh 0-10

Danny Teague is fouled and Corrigan points the free.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-15 Fermanagh 0-09

Clarke's point should be the icing on the cake for the home side.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-14 Fermanagh 0-09

Grimley's latest free sees Armagh go back into a five-point lead.


We're into the final few minutes in both games and it looks as if Armagh and Cavan will be in the draw in the morning.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-13 Fermanagh 0-09

Two points in a row for Quigley. Fermanagh trying hard to get back into this game.


SFC Qualifier: Offaly 0-14 Cavan 1-17

Niall McNamee points, five minutes remaining.


SFC Qualifier: Armagh 0-13 Fermanagh 0-08

Brilliant point by Quigley with eight minutes to play.


SFC Qualifier: Offaly 0-13 Cavan 1-17

Offaly are running out of time and they need a goal, but they had to be content with a point on this occasion.


Red Card

Fermanagh are down to 14 men for the remaining 13 minutes after skipper Eoin Donnelly receives his second yellow card of the match.


SFC Qualifier: Offaly 0-12 Cavan 1-17

Ten minutes to play in Tullamore as Ryan Connolly converts his second free.


SFC Qualifier: Offaly 0-12 Cavan 1-16

Brian Darby comes forward to point for Offaly.


SFC Qualifier: Offaly 0-11 Cavan 1-16

McDermott is having a decent run out, he's just tapped over another free.

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