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Case Study: Longford Football To Connaught? - 18 Like(s)
I'd be more worried about Kerry's easy route through Munster...what a bloody joke that is.

yew_tree (National) - 29/07/2019 08:08:40

Who Are Dublins Challenger Now? - 14 Like(s)
Poor aul'd swear they were in the doldrums the way their fans are going on

yew_tree (National) - 18/06/2019 12:38:53

GAA Keeping Rural Ireland Alive - 14 Like(s)
As I write this, the new Leinster club champions Mullinalaghta have just appeared on the late late show and well done to them. They have given hope to clubs up and down the country. It was interesting to listen to their captain speak about the post office gone, shop, one pub closed and one left etc....however the GAA club is the ever constant. My club wouldn't be much bigger and I'd imagine it's a case in every county where most clubs are rural, with services and people disappearing. So for all the giving out we do just be thankful that we are all part of a fantastic organization, far from flawless and at times extremely frustrating but it's ours all the same and it's keeping communities alive.

yew_tree (National) - 14/12/2018 21:55:14

Dublin Stars Pocketing €6,000 For Promotional Gigs - 13 Like(s)
Ireland is a nation of begruders

yew_tree (National) - 08/06/2019 22:47:06

"Why Should Anybody Have The God-Given Right To See All Games On Television?" - 12 Like(s)
Just because something was not available years ago, doesent mean we should be happy to go back to the system. I have a family member in hospital and had to listen to the Mayo v Donegal game on radio, many people in the ward would liked to have seen that game but hospitals don't have sky naturally enough when they don't even have enough beds... Fact is quarter finals used to be always free to air and now aren't.

yew_tree (National) - 06/08/2019 15:21:56

GAA Clubs Had It Tough In The North During The Troubles - 12 Like(s)
In my club we suffer with emigration but so do most rural clubs north and south. It's a struggle to keep heads above eater but we do it and it's down to great people giving up their free time right down to folk buying club lotto tickets weekly. However what I've heard clubs in the north experienced during the trouble pales into anything most clubs go through today...burning of clubhouses, destroying pitches, British army breaking hurls at checkpoints, intimidation was disgusting. I've great admiration for those in the north who kept the game going through those hard times.

yew_tree (National) - 29/01/2019 14:39:49

Mayo V Galway - 12 Like(s)

Replying To Tirchonaill1:  "'No one likes us and we don't care' you sound like the English soccer fans now Gleebo, you might ask yourself why no likes you? truth is the super 8's will be better with Mayo there, it's like the world cup finals in soccer, you want england there for the entertainment and hype but you don't want them to ever win it. imagine the bs we'd hear if they ever did? it's bad enough as it is,they are still talking about 1966, 1951 in Mayo's case."
Comparing us to England now...lord above you really are a bitter little person. Your very welcome to Castlebar by the way for the final super 8s game. and don't be afraid you won't be set upon or attacked by hooligans either.

yew_tree (National) - 07/07/2019 10:53:48

2019 Attendances - 12 Like(s)

Replying To kiloughter:  "Absolutely. And it does not matter who Dublin play be it Kerry, Mayo or whoever. Winning becomes routine. Sat night would have that type of crowd whoever Dub would be playing."
Would have been at least double there if Mayo were playing Dublin sat night mate and you know it.

yew_tree (National) - 04/02/2019 11:32:23

Mayo V Galway - 11 Like(s)

Replying To Pullhard1985:  "You would never know there are 7 other teams playing this weekend, its wall to wall mayo coverage everywhere you look. Its getting a bit tiresome this whole Mayo psychodrama....whinging about Fitzmaurice, venues, throw-in times, injuries You would swear they are the only team afflicted by injuries. Galway seem to be far worse affected by injuries to key players but we dont know about that because they didnt feel the need to issue a press release informing everyone of their injuries The nature of Galways second half collapse in the connaught final was galling and demoralizing, barely got out of their half, seems like Walsh at the end of the road there I do think Mayo will win this weekend though and the circus will roll on."
You live in the USA...surly you can avoid Mayo's 4th July weekend...get out more

yew_tree (National) - 03/07/2019 15:56:31

Cavan V Roscommon - 10 Like(s)

Replying To Vishred:  "Two Division 2 teams fighting it out for survival in Division 1. Should be a cracker.."
They are both in division 1 on merit. Your post is bull

yew_tree (National) - 20/02/2019 13:16:01

Dublin V Tyrone All Ireland Final 2018 - 10 Like(s)
Congrats on the 4 in a row. Some team. Hope we can be back next year and throw a spanner in the works but for now ye look good for the five.

yew_tree (Dublin) - 04/09/2018 18:10:41

Daylight Saving - 10 Like(s)

Replying To Uimhir.a.3.:  "Geography obviously wasn't a strong point."
Ah go easy on Wayno...Dublin school kids only have geography books that cover inside the M50 ;)

yew_tree (National) - 06/03/2019 22:03:38

Dublin Vs Kerry Replay - 10 Like(s)

Replying To galwayford:  "Not hot favourites. This is a good Kerry team with a good manager. The Dubs are a team in decline imho. But that said if Dubs keep 15 men on field, surely they should be favourites."
Amazed me how perceptions change after ONE game. Dublin are not in decline. Kerry though have shown they are ready to challenge, I thought they would be a year or 2 too soon but fair play to them. That said I believe Dublin will win the replay .

yew_tree (National) - 02/09/2019 08:51:11

Mayo V Kerry - 10 Like(s)

Replying To westkerry:  "Big test for our young team. Hopefully we get a strong ref with eyes in the back of his head to deal with Keegan and OConnors antics."
Ye should put in a call for Cormac Reilly...or whoever reffed the 09 final when ye took out the Cork player...

yew_tree (National) - 07/07/2019 11:28:12

David Brady On Kerry And Fitzmaurice - 10 Like(s)
Look Brady is hard listen too...but I had too laugh at Eamonn Fitz complaining about dark arts..Kerry the masters for years. Fact is all the top teams live on and often cross that edge... Mayo were ridiculed for years as being soft and nice boys..."They are the type of fellas you'd live to see your daughter come home with"...was it Pat Spillane or Joe Brolly that said that? Kerry boys used to love us cause we used to roll over for them...them days are thankfully gone.

yew_tree (National) - 02/07/2019 22:09:24

Mayo V Galway - 9 Like(s)

Replying To KY4SAM2015:  "Bit unfair on Galway having to play this game in Limerick with Mayo having playing there a few times in the last few years. Almost their second home ground!"
True...A friend of mine in Limerick is happy anyway...the local economy gets a boost whenever Mayo roll into town. Unlike Da Kerry folk he reckons who still eat hang sandwiches and flasks of tea from da boot....;) Up Mayo

yew_tree (National) - 01/07/2019 20:16:41

No Palestinian Flags - 9 Like(s)
I have to agree...wear your county colors...bring Your county flag and roar your county on...that's the only statement you should be making at a GAA game.

yew_tree (National) - 18/06/2018 18:50:23

Falling Football Attendances - 9 Like(s)

Replying To galwayford:  "Antrim are not good at Gaelic football, they are ok but not great at hurling."
So because he is from Antrim his opinion is not valid? Really arrogant

yew_tree (National) - 07/02/2019 15:21:47

Dublin Stars Pocketing €6,000 For Promotional Gigs - 9 Like(s)
More power to them....if you can make that sort of cash then fair play. That said, Joe Brolly had a go at Mayo GAA for fundraising in NYC...will he have a similar article about this? Doubt it

yew_tree (National) - 08/06/2019 16:40:12

Is Dublin's Success False, Tarnished And Bought? - 9 Like(s)
No it's not false or tarnished. They are the best team. The playing field is not level but what sport is? You are always going to have bigger teams and the so called "lesser teams". Mayo have a huge advantage over Leitrim for example. Kerry have a free rein in Munster etc.... Mayo spent over 1.5 million on our county teams in 2017. As a club memeber I have seen the breakdown and the cost of tranport and accomodation is crazy. Plus the cost of players up and down for training. This is one area where Dublin save. They don't have to fork out for hotels in peak summer months. We (every club in mayo) are also paying back the loan repayments on MacHale Park which ok came about many will say by crazy decisions at board level but Dublin have never had the expense to develop their own county ground because they use Croke Park. So those are two main advantages that Dublin have from my point of view but they are not advantages that can be wiped out. They are also not the fault of Dublin so its a catch 22.

yew_tree (National) - 05/09/2018 14:46:31