"He's learning from Joe Brolly and Pat Spillane about making the headlines"

May 22, 2018

Tyrone manager Mickey Harte consoles Philip Jordan at the end of the 2009 All-Ireland SFC semi-final

Philip Jordan has issued a rebuke to his former Tyrone team-mate Sean Cavanagh for comments he made criticising Mickey Harte.

In the run-up to the Red Hands' Ulster SFC defeat to Monaghan last weekend, Cavanagh was critical of Harte's defensive tactics, claiming theiy had been detrimental to the development of some forwards in the county, and Jordan feels these comments could prove harmful to the Tyrone camp going forward:

"Sean was captain of the team before his retirement last year and he has a book coming out shortly," the All-Ireland winning wing back writes in his RTE column.

"In an interview before the Monaghan match he said that Mickey has harmed the careers of a lot of forwards because of the type of system he wants them to play, which is heavily defensively oriented.

"He name-checked the likes of Ronan O'Neill, Darren McCurry, Kyle Coney and Niall McKenna.

"Myself and Sean are neighbours, we played together for years and I'd have no problem telling him that I disagree 100 per cent with his comments.

"Sean is obviously thinking about his media career and he's learning from Joe Brolly and Pat Spillane about making the headlines. Does he really believe that Tyrone have a player up front as good as Conor McManus? I don't think he does."

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